Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Scout Elf Fun

The kids have really enjoyed having Jelfie here for another holiday season and being that it is his second year with us, he seems to really have stepped up his game.

Last Monday for example, he exchanged all our stockings and replaced them with our underwear. I am a little embarrassed at the though of Jelfie rifling through my "delicates" drawer:

photo (48)-001

 On Tuesday he got so caught up playing on my laptop that he didn't make it back to the North Pole and had to send Santa this email:

  photo (46)

The next day we found him next to a plate of elf-sized doughnuts. Thankfully, there were also human-sized ones for all of us to enjoy as a special treat that morning for breakfast:

  photo (49)-001

photo (50)-001

 Friday was his most labor intensive antic yet. We found him fishing for Goldfish in a Polly Pocket play set of Jadyn's while perched on a lifeguard chair he constructed out of of Legos. Where does he find the time?

  photo (51)-001

While I didn't photograph him playing Connect 4 with Barbie on Saturday morning, on Sunday he decided to toast a marshmallow by candlelight. That night the kids had S'mores for dessert:

  photo (45)-001

Yes indeed. We have all enjoyed having Jelfie here for another holiday season and can't wait to see what he does his last week here with us.

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