Sunday, December 30, 2007

A new blog for the new year

So I am going to try something new this year. As I continue to try and share pictures, video clips and anecdotes with all of our family and friends, I have found myself updating 2 webpages for the kids and a personal MySpace page. I thought maybe, just maybe it was time to start a blog. Now I do not consider myself so self-important that everyone I email is going to rush to check out my blog for every new picture of the kids or thought that pops into my mind but the reality is that this is a great format for keeping in touch and to keep me accountable for remembering all the little things that the kids do day in and day out because as everyone has warned me time and time again - THEY GROW UP SO FAST!!!! Sooooooooooooooo, here it goes. I am going to back date some posts to update everyone on the happenings for the month of December. Obviously with the holidays, we have lots of pictures and stories to share but I truly wish everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is preparing something fun and/or cozy to ring in the new year.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Merry Christmas

We had a very busy but very nice Christmas. The kids woke up to all of Santa's gifts, including new battery powered cars and a play kitchen. After spending the morning playing to their hearts content, they both took a nice long nap while I carried on my tradition of watching a favorite Christmas-themed movie, "The Family Man" with Nicholas Cage. We then shuttled off to my Aunt Cindy's in Victorville to visit with my Dad's side of the family, which is quite large. My Mom and George met us there and then visited for several days afterwards, during which time we introduced them to our new WII game system resulting in some pretty comical moments. I took WAY too many pictures, so I am including a slideshow of the very best. I think they tell the story of our Christmas more than I can in words. It's all about family:

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Eve Eve

The last couple of years we have celebrated Christmas Eve a day or so early with the Fenenoz Clan in Upland. You can always expect good company, good food (tamales, yum!), early gifts and a few shots of Jager and this year was no exception.

My favorite picture of the evening - Jake posing with his cousin Aliyah. They always have so much fun when they are together.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Wild Lights at the Living Desert

Sometimes living in the desert of Southern California, the landscape as well as the weather can leave something to be desired when it comes time to get into the spirit of the winter/Christmas season. So last year when we stumbled upon a unique opportunity to celebrate the season we immediately decided to make it a holiday tradition. Every year the Living Desert in Palm Desert decks the halls of their zoo with over 350,000 Christmas lights. To complete the outing, they add carolers, an ice less skating rink and the chance to roast marshmallows over an open fire and sip hot cocoa.I love seeing the kids all bundled up and unfortunately pictures of the displays do not really do it justice (at least not with my amateur photography skills). Oh, and I did I mention the train? Jake would be happy watching one of the largest G scale model trains in all of California the whole time we are there - also all lit up and decked out for the holiday.

Jake and Mommy with the giant red velvet teddy bear:

Jadyn horsing around with Daddy:

To view all the photos in this album, please click the following link:
Wild Lights

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Parties, parties and more parties

Yesterday we went to yet another party – one at Jake’s preschool and another in the evening sponsored by the YMCA. We stood in line to see Santa, whose elves gave both Jake and Jadyn clothes. I tried to put both kids on Santa’s lap and Jadyn screamed bloody murder while I took the picture. Jake opened up his present and said what a beautiful shirt Santa had given him – what a good sport. Then his old Y teacher let them each pick out a toy – Jake a Nascar pez dispenser and Jadyn Dora’s twin baby brother and sister. She loved them. So today Jake and I were talking about the party and he said the baby was afraid of santa, but not him. Then he told me again about his beautiful shirt that he had received.

Jake and his classmates singing "Jingle Bells" Nothing cuter than 15 3-year olds tired from all the day's festivities trying to belt out a tune:

My mom said this is one to save - my attempt at getting a picture of both kids on Santa's lap:

Jadyn with her Super babies:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Visiting Santa

We went to a play date at a friend’s house today and she had her husband dress up as Santa. As Jake has been talking about Santa a lot lately, I told him he was going to be there. So we get in the car to go to the play date and Jake tells me we are going to the North Pole. LOL! Coincidently, I thought for sure that when Jake actually saw Santa he would be scared or shy but not my little social butterfly. He said hi Santa, sat on his lap and told him what he wanted for Christmas, said thank you over and over for the candy cane and goody bag he received. It was too cute! Jadyn was definitely afraid though. She was coaxed into walking up to santa to get her candy cane and bag and she replied to his questions with a little nudging on my part but there was NO WAY she was going to sit on his lap for a picture.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snow play day

Today was a perfect “getting in the holiday spirit” family day. We spent the morning helping the kids sled down a slope of snow in Yucca Valley. Now Joe is busy in the kitchen making his famous chocolate chip cookies and we are going to air pop popcorn and play video games together. By the way, Jake has suddenly decided to stop calling me Mamma and call me mom, although it sounds more like mum because he is still getting over his cold. LOL! Still, I have no idea where he got it from His sense of direction has always been good but now he is distinguishing between left and right – and with surprising accuracy. And while I have been reluctant to jinx it by telling anyone, Jake is officially potty trained. Whoohoo! I never thought this day would come but he is both peeing and pooping and has not had a poop accident in over a week now.
We bought Jadyn a baby Jaguar doll. Jake has been getting so many treats and toys during his potty training; I felt it was only fair. She loves it and I love hearing her say baby jaguar. I love that she can say so much.

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Snow Play Day

Friday, December 7, 2007

Blast from the past

We attended the 50's themed 50th birthday party for Joe's Aunt Sharon. We thought that Jake would get a kick out of all the dancing, hula hooping, bubble gum blowing fun - but we had no idea he would be the first one out on the dance floor - dragging cousin Aliyah along with him. Although we were not dressed in 50's attire (blame Joe for being a spoil sport on that count), we still had a BLAST! I attempted to do the limbo and ended up sore for at least a week. LOL!

To view all the pictures from the party please click the following link:

Sharon's birthday

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Santa hat revisited

So I stole this idea from a friend's blog (and you know who you are J). Here is a picture of Jadyn last year with her "My first Christmas" santa hat:

And here she is this year:

Now Jake has changed a lot in the past year too, although maybe not quite so dramatically. Last year he would not even let me PUT the santa hat on his head. This year, he was eager to ham it up and pose: