Monday, June 17, 2013

Spring Recital 2013

Big sigh of relief. Jadyn made it to recital without getting sick. She just loves, loves, loves to perform. Sometimes it amazes me how her excitement of being on stage outweighs any nerves she may have about it. She just loves it! And this recital was even more special as Jadyn was chosen to lead her cheer squad by yelling ready in between components of their performance. She did awesome!

I am limited on the pictures I got. I usually take stills during costume week and dress rehearsal since flash photography is not allowed the night of recital but I wasn't real happy with the variety of pictures I got. I may have to breakdown and buy the digital download the professional photographer offers so don't be surprised if an additional recital post pops up later down the line.

The squad during costume week:


Jadyn doing her solo X-jump:


Pictures from the night of dress rehearsal:



And before and after on recital night:




Now that Jadyn has decided not to continue with team sports like soccer and softball, I am hoping to add one more class in the fall. She wants to try gymnastics, which I think would be a good compliment to cheer. She also really enjoyed performing in the spring musical so we'll see what happens. I definitely see more performances in her future.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013

An annual tradition in the Funny Nose household. The day after school gets out, we all sit down and brainstorm all the fun things we want to squeeze into summer break. Here is this year's list in the order they were written down by the kids....

Knott's Soak City
Beach vacation
River trips
Wristband (spa) pools
Local theater production
Summer reading program
Sea World
Visit animal shelter
Sunburst Park
Power baseball (minor league game)
Soccer camp (Jake)
Swim lessons
Movies in the park
Concerts in the park
Boogie boarding
Children's Museum
Movie theater - Monster's University, Despicable Me 2, Smurfs 2, Turbo

Starting tomorrow we are squeezing in a week of swim lessons before I go back to work for summer school. I have play dates planned for the kids for all the days I will be working (and am immensely grateful to all my friends who so generously agreed to help out). The kids received season passes to the water park so I know we will be visiting there a lot and we also have a 4 day trip to the beach planned during which time we will be going to Sea World.

I have no doubt we will be able to complete all the items on this summer's bucket list and frankly, I know we are going to have a blast doing it. I love summer!

School's out for Summer (at least for the kids)

For the first time in 4 years, we finished the school year with no promotion or graduation ceremonies in the family. While it made things (only slightly) less hectic, it also made the end of the school year seem kind of anti-climatic.

The last few days were filled with fun extras like field day, which I was able to volunteer for. I worked the mini-golf station until the heat got the best of me and finished off in the shade doing dance parties with the kids. It was a blast!


We made treats and gifts for everyone who has made this school year so special (thanks to Pinterest for all the great ideas).

For their classmates:


For Jadyn's teacher (along with a gift card to her favorite restaurant):


For Jake's teacher (as well as a signed framed picture of her class at the talent show):


And for my students, many of whom will continue in my class next year. I have grown so attached to them and wish I could post pictures and tell stories about how special each and and every one of them are - I don't know how teachers say good-bye year after year:


On the last day of school, we rushed home to get Jadyn ready for dress rehearsal, grabbed dinner afterward and then headed back to the school for a special outdoor movie, a reward both Jake and Jadyn earned for reaching their Accelerated Reading goal. I was especially proud of Jake who spend the whole last week  of the program reading past his bedtime and taking at least one test a day, if not two in order to reach his goal. I was so impressed with his dedication and very proud that he stuck with it. It wasn't easy but he did it!

And the only picture I got from the last day of school was Jadyn and her new BFF Keira (such social butterflies, they were hanging out with graduating 6th graders at the movie):


I was very happy with both kids reports cards and all the progress they made this school year. I can't believe I now have a 2nd and 4th grader. I know I say this every year between their birthdays and the end of the school year, but WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First trip of the season

With things so busy, it was nice to find a day we could plan our first trip of the season to the river. We headed out early Sunday morning, took two boat loads to our newest favorite spot and chilled for the entire day. It was exactly what we all needed.

Our little slice of heaven. A beach located in an inlet with no current. The kids can play, the dogs can play and the adults can kick back and relax. Perfection!




A first for us, we saw two deer (looked to be a mama with her baby) cross the water and they came pretty close to us. We figure someone must be feeding them that they weren't acting very skittish. Very cool:


And hopefully this is only the first of many more trips to come this summer. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

School Notes

As I have mentioned, with the school year winding down (only 6 more days of school, not that I am counting), there has been a ton of end of school year activities over the last few weeks.

Not that this necessarily has to do with the end of the school year but last week I gave Jake permission to bring home a snake that his class had been keeping. The teacher's son had caught it and she brought it in to share. This is the time of year where snakes are out and about. This particular guy (or gal) is a Rosy Boa the class named Rosie. Jake quickly became obsessed and said he wanted to have a pet snake, that is until I explained how we would have to feed him. That seemed to end the discussion but it didn't stop the kids from having a blast with Rosie during his overnight visit with us:




I think I have mentioned that Jake's amazing teacher this year directs both the winter and spring musicals. This year she had her class learn the song "Hair" from the musical "Hair" and perform it in the annual talent show. I was very excited for my normally reserved shy Jake to have a chance to perform and see what he thought. I was even more thrilled to find that he really got into it and enjoyed it. I was super impressed with the performance (she had a little choreography and even some transitions). If I get a good recording of the performance I will post it but for now some pictures will have to suffice:




Finally this week were the 3rd trimester award assemblies. Jadyn earned the Star Reading award for the 3rd trimester in a row and Jake made the Dean's List also for all 3 trimesters. I am so proud of what good students they are. I am very pleased with how hard they both worked and how much they have both learned this year. I can't believe I am about to have a 2nd and 4th grader!



But school isn't out quite yet. We still have field day, the final Friday flag and the 3rd trimester AR program rewards. On top of that Jake has one more baseball game and an end of season party and Jadyn's dance recital is next week (I will promptly be placing her in a bubble so she doesn't get sick again). 

It just never ends and you know what? I love it!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Lucky Number Seven

The last few years Jadyn's birthday seems to land on one of the busiest weeks of spring. School, baseball and dance are all winding down. Registration has began for summer and fall activities. There is just A LOT going on. I really tried to make sure Jadyn felt like even though we were busy, it was still her special day.

Of course, she beat me to the punch the night prior when she made herself a birthday hat announcing "today is my birthday". Here she is sporting it while making cupcakes to share with her cheer class the next day:


And here she is sound asleep, her last night as a 6 year old:


Friday morning, we let Jadyn open her gifts from us including a new Lego Friends set and matching mother/daughter necklaces.


I went into school with the kids to help with the talent show, which Jake performed in with his class (more on this later). Here I am with the birthday girl before leaving for the day:


At school, Jadyn shared treats with her class. At cheer class, Jadyn brought cupcakes to celebrate. After the talent show, the family went out to Sonic for a car picnic (her choice, I am sensing a trend here). Back at home, we played Just Dance at her request. It was a long, fun day of celebrating. 

But the real fun came Saturday evening AFTER I registered the kids for swim and AFTER Jake's baseball game. Jadyn had her two good friends Keira and Kimberly over for a sleepover. The evening included pizza, cupcakes, opening gifts, swimming, showing off gymnastic moves, doing nails, making Shrinky Dink charm bracelets, giggles and a movie before bed.







In the morning there was more swimming and jumping on the trampoline and by the time the girls were either picked up or dropped off, this mama was EXHAUSTED!

Later that day, Jadyn and I relaxed in the pool and as she snuggled on top of me in the raft, I contemplated what a bright, entertaining, creative and kind-hearted girl she has become.


 Happy 7th birthday to my sweet little Jadyn. No amount of words can express my love.