Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lights, Camera, More Lights!

As with the weekend before, our family continued to busy ourselves with holiday themed activities this weekend as well. The kids woke up Friday morning to find Jelfie tangled in a string of lights.


The Advent calendar activity for the day was for us to visit the Living Desert that night for their annual Wild Lights display, a tradition our family has participated in for several years now. We started with dinner at Outback with the Miller Family, Cruz and Tara and some family friends of theirs before heading over.

It pains me a great deal to say that the Wild Lights were a little disappointing this year. It seemed as though they had cut down the areas of the zoo that were open as well as the number of lights and displays. The iceless skating rink, hay bales and bonfires (favored by the kids) were noticeably absent. The kids still had fun running around, watching the G-Scale train, riding the carousel and sword fighting with their light up wands.



Jadyn also took the opportunity to sit on Santa's lap again and remind him what was on her wish list (an iPod and Bouncy My Happy to See Me Pup):


Since the Wild Lights wasn't everything we were expecting, not to mention already being in the general vincinity, we decided to head over to Candy Cane Lane. Another tradition, this neighborhood transforms itself to a winter wonderland each holiday season and truly is a must see.

Although not nearly as ornate as some of the other houses, this simple and clean light display is always one of my favorites:


While the kids marvel at the houses that include character displays with their lights:


While a fun night, it was also a late night and by the time we were done strolling Candy Cane Lane, everyone was pretty tired. I am actually hoping we get to take a second look sometime before the season is over. In the meantime, we still have tons of holiday fun to pack into the next 2 weeks and I can't wait.

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