Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Still so far behind, I am going to start with the most recent and attempt to catch up this week.

Not helping is the fact that we do not have spring break for THREE more weeks! We must have the latest spring break out of everyone!

Very nice Easter weekend. Saturday we met up with some friends for a community egg hunt. It was divided by grade levels and pretty much over in the blink of an eye but the kids had fun.

Here are the younger crew, Jadyn with Michael and his cousin Cecelia (who is also in Jadyn's cheer class):


And Dominic and Jake, the best buds:


Later that evening, we got together with the same group of friends to dye Easter eggs, make some Easter crafts and just generally have fun.





The Easter bunny brought baskets for the kids filled with cool stuff like mini Nerf guns, nail polish, bubbles, glow in the dark silly putty, hot wheels, books, a kitty cat and of course, candy!


I was shocked and very pleased to find that the first thing Jake did was starting reading the newest installment of one of his favorite book series, Captain Underpants:


Jadyn immediately became attached to her newest stuffed pet:


But that wasn't the only cat on Easter as both our kitties were having fun with the baskets:



We then went to Grandma Anita and Grandpa Ken's for Easter brunch. I really enjoy having it at their house. It just feels like such a tradition. And while it was unfortunate that none of the other cousins could make it, leaving Jake and Jadyn the only kids, the garden is the perfect background for an egg hunt and pictures:






The remainder of our Sunday was spent doing chores, relaxing and playing. I also got in a 3 mile run to prepare for Warrior Dash next week.

As a secular family, we try to respect the significance of Easter for all Christians. For us however, it is a family holiday symbolizing new life and hope, a time when the earth becomes alive again, a time to celebrate spring.

And regardless of your reasons for celebrating the holiday, I truly hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Pinewood Derby

One of the draws of joining Cub Scouts for Jake was the annual Pinewood Derby. For those not familiar  the  cub scout along with a parent or adult mentor helps design, carve, paint, weigh, refine and race a derby car made from a block of wood.

Obviously this is Jake's first year participating in the Pinewood Derby. He was excited but also, he truly has a lot on his plate right now with baseball season in full swing (more on this later), schoolwork, Cub Scouts and racing BMX. Joe put in a lot of work to make sure Jake's derby car was ready for race day. Joe also had Jake assist him in baking his "world famous" chocolate chip cookies to contribute to the bake sale that was accompanying the spaghetti dinner at the Pinewood Derby event. All proceeds will help pay for Jake and his fellow scouts to attend day camp later this spring. Along with opening ceremonies for baseball the same day, we were BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!

Here are the kids and I before heading out to the big event:



Once there, we signed Jake in and weighed his car. It was pretty light so we frantically taped loose change on top of the car to bring it to an even 5 ounces. We wanted every advantage we could have to help Jake's car race well.

Unfortunately, our newbie experience with derby cars showed the first heat Jake's car was in when, much to our chagrin, the car rubbed along the track and couldn't quite cross the finish line. Of course Jake was disappointed. We were in for a LONG night of racing.

Close up of his car:


Jake's car on the track against another car:


All the cool derby cars:


BUT, Jake is learning a very valuable lesson this spring about making the best out of situations, trying his best, being willing to put forth extra effort to excel at certain activities and how to be a gracious loser. He managed to turn his disappointment around and make the best of the night.

Here he is with his friend Chris, whom he has known since preschool and another BIG reason he wanted to do Cub Scouts. I have so much respect and admiration for Chris' mom, my friend Heather, who dedicates so much time to being an awesome den leader for this group of boys:


And here is Jake, not with a trophy but a certificate of participation and the award for fiercest car:


After the racing was over, we tried a few things to see if it would have made a difference with his car and we talked to several people who have years of experience building derby cars. We are now armed with the knowledge we need to come back next year with a more competitive car. But win or lose, I hope Jake continues to grow and mature when it comes to learning the valuable lesson about having a positive attitude even when things may not go our way.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Read Across America Week

Our school celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday a few weeks back with Read Across America Week and themed dress up days for each school day.

Mondays are reserved for school spirit days throughout the year so we ALL put on our Onaga Thunderbird shirts and added CRAZY HAIR DAY! Mine was removable. I knew that Afro-circus wig from our Madagascar 3 Blu-Ray purchase would come in handy someday.



Tuesday was career day. Eighteen months ago for Red Ribbon week the kids dressed up as a Marine and an art teacher and a year and half later, they chose to dress up in the same future career choices:


Wednesday was crazy sock day but for Jadyn, it turned into a full on ode to 80's neon:


Thursday was dress as your favorite Dr. Seuss character and let's keep it real people. Tears were shed. We didn't get the list of activities for this school event until Monday. Between Monday and Thursday I did not have time to order anything or go shopping for anything. Jadyn really wanted to dress up as CindyLou Who and on Thursday night, I frantically went through her stuff and could not piece something together that was acceptable to her. Jadyn got upset. I got upset. It was not a proud mommy moment. By morning, we were both in brighter spirits and Jadyn was satisfied wearing her Grinch Christmas t-shirt with a promise that we would get her a Cat in the Hat hat to have on hand the next time something like this rolls around. And to be fair, at school that day, I saw a lot of very creative Thing 1 and 2 costumes that were pieced together at the last minute. These costume ideas were stored away for future reference.


 And finally, pajama day! It landed on a perfect icy cold, almost snow day and yes, I absolutely participated and wore my PJs to school. I was so comfy all day but it really made me want to curl up in a corner of the classroom and take a nap. It probably doesn't help that I was coming down with the flu either.


I have really been enjoying working at the school and participating with the kiddos in activities like this. I am really crossing my fingers that my position there becomes permanent soon.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Not abandoning this ship

Yes, I know my blogging has been extremely intermittent. It never is my intention. And it's not that I technically don't have the time so much as I lack the energy. I have been working 6 hours every school day in the classroom since the week of my birthday. While being at school from morning bell to dismissal is only temporary, I am enjoying the opportunity to work more hours. However, once the kids and I get home I am spent! I still  have to find time to tend to the house, pets and run errands (all things I would normally do while the kids are at school) not to mention help the kids with homework and get them to all their extracurricular activities. I love being busy, don't get me wrong but I would remiss not to admit it's A LOT.

The last few weekends have included a lot of downtime due to illness, the aforementioned errands and some fun too - grilling with friends, sleepovers for the kids, trips to the dog park, dinner with GrandBob and Granny Annie and even a birthday party.

Here are some picture highlights....

The first Saturday in March we made it to the Home Depot kids workshop. Every year around this time they do a race car project to gear up for Nascar and our local Home Depot has a ramp so the kids can race their finished projects down the track. They love it.



 They also love trips to the doughnut shop for breakfast beforehand:


 Ran into a friend before heading into Big 5 to pick out a new bat for Jake and I turn around to find the kids begging me to take their picture like this:


 This just breaks my heart! When I wake up in the morning, Kuma follows me around desperate to be taken for a walk/run. I had been really good about getting up early and taking him before work BUT daylight savings (not to mention some crazy guy approaching female joggers in our area) has made it really hard to go before work. As soon as I put my clothes out and get ready to shower, Kuma jumps up on the bed and lays ON TOP of my clothes and gives me those sad puppy dog eyes as if it will prevent me for leaving him for 6 hours. He is still my spoiled baby though. I make sure to take him on walks/runs (and now carry pepper spray too) after work on most days.


 As someone who has always loved reading, nothing warms my heart than finding this completely unprovoked. Both kids reading with a huge pile of books they want to read on the bed. LOVE!


So much blogging to still catch up on but I think this is a good start.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Life has been keeping the Funny Noses busy, busy, busy.

Since I last posted, I had a birthday. I am now only one year away from my FORTIES! I can't believe it.

In the same week as my birthday, I attended a school board meeting to help fight to keep the current principal at our school (in which the board reversed the decision to move him so it actually worked, yay!), went out to dinner to celebrate my special day, attended Meet your Coach night for Jake's baseball team (I am serving as team parent again), took Jadyn to Cheer class and attended a birthday party as a family. Like I said, busy week!

And we woke up on my birthday to snow - not even an inch and it was melted by morning's end but we don't get snow very often so it was a special event for us. I just think its so pretty. I'm sure if I lived elsewhere where it snowed all winter, I would get sick of it in no time.






Not bad for 39 right? Not bad at all.