Thursday, December 27, 2012

School Accomplishments

Amid all the holiday excitement leading up to Christmas, the kids also finished their first trimester of the school year. I was very proud to see such good marks on both their report cards.

Jadyn was at or above grade level for all areas of language arts and math and her teacher remarked that she was a mature and conscientious worker. This is also the first year that she gets to attend the trimester award assembly and she was both excited and nervous to go on stage to accept her Star Reading Award:


She also received the Spelling 100 award and was personally invited by the principal to attend an after school screening of the Polar Express for meeting her reading goal for the trimester. She had a lot of fun at the event.

This is the first year that Jake is being given letter grades and I was very pleased to see that he got all A's and B's. His teacher remarked that he is a hard worker who produces very neat work and is she is very pleased with the improvements he has made in creative writing. Because of his good grades, Jake made the Dean's Honor Roll having earned a 3.75 GPA. He was very proud:


And Joe and I were very proud of both of them and hope to see them continue to do so well in school.