Monday, December 31, 2012

Kuma turns TWO!

While Kuma didn't become a part of our family until he was 8 weeks old on President's Day weekend of 2011, his actual birthday is December 25th, Christmas Day.

I can't believe he is already two years old. He is officially no longer a puppy and yet he will always be my baby. This last year he has continued to be a sweet and mostly obedient dog. He became my true exercise partner when I started running again and some days I am so thankful to have his needs to motivate me to get out there, whether we just walk, run or a combination of the two. And I love that on most of the routes I take, we end up on a trail in an empty field and I can let him off leash. Watching him bound around the desert plants, chasing birds and rabbits and seeing him so happy always puts a smile on my face. I am so very grateful to have Kuma as part of our family.

And yes, I am that crazy doggy mom who actually baked him a dog-friendly cupcake for this birthday. He was a little afraid of it at first since we actually put candles on it and sang to him. But once he got a whiff of all that peanut butter, he went at it and devoured it.


This is the picture that was on the back of our holiday card this year. I could not believe how well he cooperated with me for this and I think it is fitting being that he is a Christmas baby.


Happy birthday Kuma!