Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bass Pro's Santa's Wonderland

Saturday we headed out to the Inland Empire. It was time for this mommy to get her hair done. And the timing made it perfect for a stop to Bass Pro Shops. Now our family can turn a trip to Bass Pro an event any time of year but during the holidays, it truly is an event as they have their annual Santa's Wonderland.

There are crafts, a carousel, a moving train, remote controlled monster trucks, slot cars, and both laser and bow and foam arrow arcades. But the highlight of course is getting to see and take a picture (free) with Santa:

Bass Pro Santa



 Afterwards, we headed to Grand-Bob and Granny Annie's for a quick visit and the kids were given very thoughtful ornaments to add to their trees - a bike for Jake and a cheerleader for Jadyn to signify their new found interests in these activities. They were also given a Home Depot gingerbread house. Joe and Jadyn had fun putting it together Sunday as we had a lazy day at home mixed in with some holiday activities like getting together goodies for the kids to pass out in class the last day before winter break.

  photo (52)-001

 And just like that we are only 1 week away from Christmas day. It just goes by too fast!

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