Friday, August 5, 2011

Sleepover with the Cousins

I haven't blogged this week and not because I didn't want to or didn't have time. It's just been a lot more of the same for us here at the Funny Noses - but not at all in a bad way.

Last week the kids ended one session of swim lessons and transitioned straight to the next session this past Monday. Jake is doing great in Dolphins (already swam the length of the pool doing both the forward and back crawl) and Jadyn is improving as well. The kids also started soccer practice, which I will report on more later but essentially is going good. Over this last weekend, we had a blast at a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party Saturday and visited Great-Grandma Anita on Sunday (ending with lunch at Ruby's, which has become almost routine for us when we are down that way).

Wednesday, the kids got to have their cousins Madison and Ethan spend the night. Although they live just under an hour away, work and school schedules and all the kids various activities make it harder to get together with them as often as we would like so when we do get together the kids like to make the most of their time. They spent A LOT of time playing, swimming, laughing and the boys enjoyed some good video game time (including playing Just Dance 2 for the Wii. I cannot describe to you how cute it is to see Jake and Ethan dancing!)

Here they are all enjoying some pool time:

Followed by what has become THE summer staple treat in our house, sno-cones!:

That night Jadyn had soccer practice so I grabbed some pizzas and we headed over to the field early for a pizza picnic:

And after practice, I treated all the kids to frozen yogurt, during which time Madison lost a tooth eating a gummy bear in her yogurt. No worries though. The tooth fairy was able to find her at our house, thankfully.

The following morning the kids were pretty tired after staying up way to late and then waking up way to early, but they played and swam and laughed some more and when it was time for me to take Madison and Ethan home, all four kids fell asleep in the car. I think that is good sign that everyone had a good time.

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