Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to and First Day of School

Last night we had a back to school night so everyone could find out who their teachers were, meet them and see their classrooms. I was thankful for this opportunity as last year they only did it for those starting Kindergarten.

Here are Jake and Jadyn before leaving for the event:

And with Mommy who can't believe I now have a 2nd grader and Kindergartner, although I am incredibly excited to finally have them both at the same school:

In front the of the school marquee:

Checking out her desk. Her teacher gave each of the students a lei and had the classroom decorated in a tropical/island/sea creature theme :

I loved this area for reading:

I really like Jadyn's teacher. She has a few classmates that she already knows from preschool and other activities. I was not happy to learn that they already have 30 kids enrolled in her class and the other 2 classes are near this same capacity. I don't know how much higher the class size can get, but I have a feeling they are going to have to make some changes when the final class sizes are assessed at the 10 day mark. This worries me because I don't want Jadyn to get comfortable and then have her schedule. classroom or teacher disrupted but I am going to try and not worry and see what happens.

We then visited Jake's classroom. I also really like his teacher. He has a few friends from his class last year and the teacher had him do a treasure hunt to help familiarize himself with the room. Here he is at his desk. I love this picture!

This morning we got up and went through the morning routine with no problems. I really think that Jadyn being in preschool the last 2 years made the transition to this school year pretty seamless.

Here they are ready for the their first day of school. Jadyn insisted on wearing her lei and wanted to know how her teacher knew to give her a pink one that matched her first day of school outfit perfectly:

I dropped Jake off on his playground. He really wanted to find his friends so I was lucky to even get a hug. Then I took Jadyn to her playground. She was a little timid at first but by the time the bell rang and she went to line up with the teacher, we hugged and that was it. No wavering or signs of being nervous. And I wasn't too emotional about it, just more proud of my little girl and kind of reflective of how big she has gotten.

Bye Jadyn! Have a great first day of school. Actually, I know you will:


Lindsay said...

30 kindergartners? For one teacher? YIKES!

As always, the are SO SO CUTE!

Mel said...

Jadyn looks so cute and grown up walking into the school!

Stacey said...

Thirty kindergartners to one teacher is just plain mean!

They both look adorable. I hope the year goes as smoothly as their first day.

DesiDVM said...

So cute! Jadyn always looks so put together LOL.

I'm kind of bittersweet about J starting kindergarten but also very excited for the May 06 babies. I still remember my first day of kindergarten (almost 30 years ago!!), down to what I was wearing. This is is a big day for all of them.

Karen said...

That's a lot of kindergarteners! I love Jadyn's first day of school outfit. Hope that they get settled in soon!

LauraC said...

Happy happy belated first day of school!