Monday, August 8, 2011

Action-packed weekend

With just a little over 2 weeks left before school starts, we are really trying to squeeze every last bit out of summer and this weekend is a perfect example.

Saturday Joe took the kids to the Home Depot Kids Workshop. We have missed the last several due to conflicting commitments. This month the kids made pencil boxes in preperation for back to school and they even got to paint them there, which was a first. They had a lot of fun.

Once they got home, Joe stayed home to finish up some work and I took the kids to the Bugs and Butterflies event at our local museum.

Although we never actually saw any butterflies, the kids had fun doing crafts, participating in a scavenger hunt, playing bug bingo and seeing a lot of very interesting bugs. Surprisingly (NOT) both kids declined the chance to eat meal worms and chocolate covered ants. Jadyn also got her face painted for the first time. She was really excited about this:

Later that evening Rose and her family came over for dinner and then we headed out to one of the final concerts in the park - A Johnny Cash tribute band called "Cash on Hand". My friend Jackie had got there early and saved us seats right up front so we could keep an eye on the kids if they wanted to dance around and Jadyn was very quick to jump on the opportunity since her friend Kimberly was there. Jake took a little more time to get into it, but eventually he did as well. The band was really good and the kids had a good time. However, we still decided to leave at intermission since the kids had had such a long day.

After watching Rio (such a cute movie, a MUST see), the kids all fell asleep camped out in the living room. Sunday we all headed out to the river. I didn't bring my camera, which I meant to but at the same time, I am kind of glad I didn't because it was just such a kick back relaxing day. Hardly anybody was there and we had our sandbar to ourselves. Kuma LOVED it. He swam and splashed around in the water as did the kids. I did have Joe snap this one picture with my phone camera (can't wait to have a better camera on board when I upgrade my phone in a few months):

So yes, we had a super fun weekend. Now it is back to our last week of swim lessons and continued soccer practices. Next week we are going on vacation to the beach for a couple of days and are hoping to fit the last of our summer to-do list activities in while there. I don't think there is any way that we won't be able to look back at the summer of 2011 and know we made the most of it.

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