Monday, August 15, 2011

Another fun-filled action packed summer day

After the last day of swim lessons, we headed down to the local children's museum in the low desert. This was a top item on Jadyn's summer to-do list because they have so many pretend play stations. We invited Kimberly and her mom Jackie because they had never been before.

First stop was the rope maze, which all the kids enjoyed:

Jake then moved onto the ball roller coaster:

He could probably spend all day there so we left him there while taking the girls to be veterinaries:

Go grocery shopping:

Make their own pizzas:

Play dress up in a variety of adult costumes and uniforms:

And paint a VW bug that has who knows how many coats of paint on it from being painted over and over again.

Then Jake decided he wanted to go grocery shopping, so we headed over to that section of the museum again where I learned that Jake really enjoys being a cashier. Maybe a future vocation?

After leaving the museum we came home for a brief rest before heading back out for Jake's soccer practice. We then went to check out race night at our newly reopened ABA sponsered BMX track. For those that don't know, my brother was BIG into BMX racing as a kid and I took a brief turn at it myself (hard to believe I know). Anyway, the kids enjoyed watching the race as I took a trip down memory lane.

After leaving, it was decided that Joe and Jadyn wanted ice cream at home and Jake and I opted for frozen yogurt so I got the very rare opportunity to spend some quality time along with him while we sat on the outside patio enjoying our treat. The perfect way to end such a fun-filled day.

This week we are vacation down by the beach for a few days. We are also going to do some more fun stuff, which should basically complete our summer to-do list. I can't believe the kids start school in just over a week!

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Karen said...

Sounds like you are fitting a bunch of fun stuff into the last days of summer!