Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Now this is Random

The absence from my blog over the last several days is twofold. For one, we have been getting back into the groove of school with the addition of evening soccer practices and increased tempos for both Joe and I at work. Two, other than that there is not much to report. We didn't do much over the weekend because we wanted to all have to chance to just kind of hang out, although on Saturday the kids and I did go to a really fun birthday party at the home of some close friends.

However, having said that, I have been meaning to mention a few random things.

A few weeks ago Joe and I were having a conversation about what movies and TV programs are acceptable for the kids to watch. Let's just say that Joe is a little more lax in this department. Well, leave it to "Ms. Ears" to have somehow honed in on the conversation. A few days later, Joe and the kids were watching Billy the Exterminator and Jadyn asked Joe, "Daddy, is this show appropriate for children?"

And in a related note, Billy the Exterminator is now the kids newest favorite show.

But influence is a two-way street. Awhile ago I mentioned that the kids have really been getting into top 40 music and we had recently acquired the first of what I fear will be many Kids Bop CDs. The kids will beg and beg and beg for us to put it on in the car so we can all rock out.

Well guess who (and its not me) now regularly pops in the kids CD to listen to their version of Taio Cruz's Dynamite without being asked by the kids?

And finally, you have to love the way kids minds work. I regularly talk to the kids about leaving lights on and wasting electricity. Well, a few weeks ago we were at my in-laws house and Jake was flipping the lights over the stairs on and off when Jadyn scolded him by saying, "Stop it Jake! You are wasting lightricity!".

Oh, and I wanted to clarify, for whatever it may be worth. Jadyn does have 30 kids in her class for kindergarten. The average allowable class size for the district is 31 for her grade. This is not ideal to me AT ALL. However, on the plus side, because she has a disabled student in her class, the teacher does have an instructional aide and that can make a huge difference.

That's all for now and I suspect it may be all you hear from me this week, in which case - Have a nice long Labor Day Weekend!


LauraC said...

I think our limit is 32 also. We lucked out this year as all the classes have 24 kids and a full time aide. And the volunteers, oh my. Two people every day for four hours! So 4 parents.

There is such a fight for slots that you could only sign up for one slot in the first 3 weeks.

Karen said...

I was worried about so many kids in Michael's class. He only has 19 with a teacher and an assistant teacher, which is the same exact student to teacher ratio as his preschool class last year.

Stacey said...

Haven't you heard from Bill Gates-- class size doesn't matter? HA!