Friday, August 12, 2011

Show me the Mommy - Sweet Edition

The kids attended a birthday party for their friend Lilly this week. Lilly went to preschool with Jake and was in his first grade class this last year. She had her birthday at a local candy shop that recently started hosting parties. It was pretty cool. The kids got to make sugar sand art, candy bracelets, decorate their own ice cream sundaes, play games and watch the birthday girl spin cotton candy. Yes they left the party on a complete sugar high but that is the norm for any birthday party right?

Jake working hard on his sugar sand art:

Jadyn so proud of her gummy lifesaver bracelet:

But what really made me smile was when I realized that Jadyn had decorated her sand art bottle by using stickers to spell out Mom and then gave it to me as a gift. She also decorated her sand art picture frame and spelled out Dad to give to Joe. Jadyn is so thoughtful like that. Just one of the many things I love about her, that she can be so sweet!

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