Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Magoomba

- We have one more session of swim lessons to go this season but Jake was finally able to master the backstroke and will be moving up to the next level. So instead of being a Stingray with Jadyn, he will now be a Dolphin, learning to dive and swimming in the deep water. He really worked hard and they really made him earn it and I am super proud of him. I would never expect Jadyn to be ready to move up this year, as this is her first season as a Stingray, but she also gives every lesson her all and has made major improvements in all the necessary skills.
Here is Jake jumping in the deep end on life jacket day, which most kids hate. However since my kids have grown up wearing life jackets in the boat, they love life jacket day:

- Yesterday was the wrap-up party for the summer reading program. Over the last 6 weeks, both Jake and Jadyn read (or were read to in Jadyn's case) 7 1/2 hours, completing all 5 steps of the reward program. At the party yesterday, they had a drawing and Jadyn won a felt bunny basket that she had been admiring since she first saw the prizes for the program. Jake didn't win the Nerf gun he was in the drawing for, but took it very well. We then had cupcakes and celebrated all the reading we have done this summer. I have no doubt I will be able to keep them reading, although maybe not at the same pace, for the remaining 3 weeks until school starts.

- Yesterday was also monumental because we finally went to see the last installment in the Harry Potter movie franchise. Over the last week both Joe and I re-read Deathly Hallows and I am just in awe of how well done all the movies have been. They really did the book series justice, which is a pretty amazing feat (take note Twilight because you have failed where they definitely have succeeded). And just when you think a movie like this is too complex or dark for a 5-year-old to really "get", Jadyn in her usual dramatic fashion yelled out to the screen "not cool!" during a scene where it looked liked evil was going to overcome Harry, Hermione and Ron and then toward to the end when the tides started to turn (I will leave at that so I am not spoiling it for anyone) she yelled out, "I like it!".

- Another more recent development has been the kids interest in listening to top 40 music, especially Jadyn. Her favorite song is "1983" by the Neon Trees and she screams out the chorus when it comes on the radio. Because of that, this last spring the Easter bunny brought her a Kids Bop CD and the kids and I have been rocking out to it on the VERY short drive to swim lessons each morning. Their favorite song is "Dynamite" originally done by Taio Cruz. Here they are putting their hand in the air like they just don't care "like it's dynamite!"

- next week things start to get really busy as both kids will still have swim lessons Mon-Thurs AND they are starting soccer practice in the evenings. I finally got the schedule I dreaded - Jadyn's practices are Monday and Wednesday and Jake's are Tuesday and Thursday so this soccer mom will be at the field 4 evenings a week, plus Saturdays once the season starts in September.

And in between all that we are just trying to squeeze the most out of summer, striking a balance between fun outings, lots of time in the water and relaxing as a family at home. Because to me, that is what summer is all about.

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Lindsay said...

Love the "not cool!" comment. =)

James LOVES "Dynamite" too. I just bought that CD on iTunes for him to have on his ipod for our trip. Thanks!!