Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This year we actually got to pick apples!

Last year we went to Oak Glen for apple picking and Jadyn especially was SOOO excited. However, due to the late spring frost that year, the orchards had less than normal yields. Although we enjoyed our time at the apple farm, we were not able to actually pick apples.

This year, the crops were abundant but I didn't leave it to chance. This last Saturday both kids had 8 a.m. games so as soon as they were done we went home and changed and then headed over to one of the apple farms, almost a full in month in advance of the normal time we visit. Yes, it was hot. It is hard to do yet another "fall" activity in 85 degree weather. But, not only did the kids get to pick apples a plenty, they also picked strawberries and a pumpkin as well.

Jadyn was definitely more into it than Jake and that was extremely clear by the pictures I got of our excursion, although he did get into the strawberry picking more than the apples.

 I would honestly still like to go back to the farm we went to last year just to go for a hike and buy some of their apple cider. However, maybe that can wait until it actually feels more like fall.


NathanandSolinda said...

Looks like fun!!

Carrie77 said...

Love the close up photo of Jadyn with the apple in her hand, and the last one of them together. Nathan is supposed to go apple picking tomorrow, but we've been getting a lot of rain. :(

Lindsay M. said...

You have two beautiful children! more than just beautiful, they're so cute together! Jadyn is pretty girl~ (especially on the photo with apple), and Jake looks like her closest friend :) It's like a miracle, because usually sisters and brothers more often fight, than live peacefully, but your kids are different. They look so happy!~. I think Jake will be real caring elder brother for Jadyn, when they grown up. I know it, because I have brother too and we grew up together and still we have a good relationship.
And this year has a really good yield of apples. We've picked more apples than ever!