Monday, September 10, 2012

An open letter to all our pets

Dear Friday,

We spend extra money on premium cat litter so we don't have to smell your crap. However, the litter cannot do its job if you don't take the time, like most normal cats would, to cover up your crap.


The one who has to go in the laundry room frequently AND clean out your uncovered poop from the cat box.

Dear Jazz,

One of these days we will find the second home you visit, as it is the only reasonable explanation for why you only come inside to eat and then promptly leave again.


The one who worries about you when you don't come in at night.

Dear Snickers,

Would you be so kind as to stop pulling hay out of your ball and then instead of eating it, spitting it out on the ground where you poop. This is clearly a waste of perfectly good hay.


The one who has to help Jadyn refill your hay ball.

Dear Kuma,

I would really, really appreciate the opportunity to sleep in past 5:30am. I realize when you start scratching at the slider that it is because you are eager to go on our daily walk/run and clearly not because you need to use the restroom. I know this because when I finally relent and get out of bed, I open the slider you have been scratching at to let you out but you don't go. Instead you proceed to follow me around the house. The problem is that we cannot go out until the sun starts to rise so waking me up early does you no good.


The one who thought she was done with early morning wakings caused by her children.

To all our pets - Friday, Jazz, Kuma and Snickers,

Despite having some habits that can only be described as annoying, we love you very much, consider you a part of our family and cannot imagine our household without you all.


One grateful mama to 4 furbabies.


Carrie77 said...

Aww! Your family is so wonderful to all of its furbabies! Even though that have their little annoying habits. ;)

Angela said...

HAHAHAHA. Aspen totally ate an entire chicken breast off the counter this afternoon. So yeah, we can relate :-)