Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Had to sneak one in

One last trip to the river that is....

Even as we settle into the school year routine and brainstorm our Fall bucket list (with outings on the list happening this week in fact), we couldn't pass up the continued warm temperatures and a Sunday with nothing on the calendar.

Someone is pretty excited to get there:

Seeing Kuma run, jump and swim in the water brings me such joy. He loves to play fetch:

But what I have really wanted to capture all season long is his favorite activity OUT of the water. He loves to roll around in the sand and dirt and give himself a mud bath (Kuma's AKC name includes Mud Bud from the Disney buddies movies). I still can't quite figure out the purpose of it but it is pretty entertaining to watch:

This trip we took The Miller family (Johnny, Tina, Dominic and Michael). Yes, the human children enjoyed the river too; swimming like fish, making up games in the water and playing with the boundless energy that only kids seem to possess:

It was so hard to leave the river knowing we won't be back until next spring. The river is our family's happy place. It's a good thing we already have those fall activities on tap to keep us from dwelling on the end of summer.

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