Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Overnight at Jumbo Rocks

It really is quite sad that it took until now for us to finally go camping, especially since we have a National Park within a 15 minute drive of our house. I never really thought of myself as a "rough it" kind of gal and we definitely wanted to make sure the kids were old enough but other than that there really is no excuse. And now that we have gone and had such a wonderful, amazing, fun experience, I am confident that this last overnight trip will NOT be our last!

We went on this trip with our good family friends, The Millers - Johnny, Tina, their boys Dominic and Michael and their nieces Juliana and Cecilia. Around the corner from our camp ground, we took the kids for a short nature walk and gave them a chance for some serious rock scrambling:

Love this pic of Jake with his best bud Dominic:

A view of the moon, which had risen before the sunset. It was just about time for some burgers and hot dogs:

The kids loved the fire. Even before we roasted marshmallows and made S'mores  they had fun just burning broken branches they had found:

Jadyn didn't want to get TOO close:

And we had to tell Jake to be careful because he was SO close:

Sliding down rocks can be fun but I think Jake is laughing and saying, "Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch"

It's certainly not good for the longevity of jeans (or boxer briefs for that matter!)

A view of our campsite. With the rock formations behind us, the kids could scramble without us even leaving our spot and the dogs got to run around:

Okay so yes, we had this motor home (belonging to our friends' parents) but despite the conveniences it afforded us, I still "roughed" it and slept in the tent:

Before leaving the campsite the next day, Joe took this family photo. Remember the chocolate lab we almost adopted but instead she found a home with our good friends? Well here is Harley sneaking in our picture. Her and Kuma are the best of friends now. I love it when we can include the dogs on our family outings. It makes me so happy:

Come to think of it, everything about this trip makes me happy and I can't wait to do it again.

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Carrie77 said...

Looks like a wonderful time, I can't wait to take the kids camping for the first time. Jake did tear his britches up on those rocks, lol!