Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Scrambled Eggs

Last week with the kids back in school, I found myself moving in a thousand different directions and my mind racing a million miles a minute with random thoughts. I was completely unfocused and lost. I know it will take time to settle into a new schedule and find my groove and am determined to do better. To do lists are my best friend.

However, right now even my ideas for blog posts seem scrambled and all over the place so instead of not posting, I am just going to go with it. So here are my scrambled eggs.

- And speaking of scrambled eggs, I am back on the South Beach eating plan. It seems to be the only way I truly lose and/or maintain my weight, curb my appetite and eat the most healthy. Eggs are a huge part of South  Beach. Two weeks in and it is going well.

- In conjunction with eating healthier, I am also trying to step up my workouts. To keep me accountable, I got a few friends to sign up with me for the Color Run San Diego on November 3rd. So here comes C25K Version 2.0 and some strength training to boot.

- I don't know why fall seasonal allergies started 2 weeks ago but I am not a happy camper about the daily sneezing attacks it has caused.

- I don't know if I will ever get around to devoting a whole blog post to this topic so let me just announce that Snickers the guinea pig we were watching has become a permanent part of our family. When the family who owned Snickers heard how much time and attention Jadyn was giving Snickers, they asked if we wanted to keep him. How could we resist? He fits right in!

- Soccer is going good. I have yet to take action shots of the kids playing after 2 weeks of games. Shame on me! In my defense, I have officially become the assistant coach for Jadyn's team, The Cheetah Divas, and I can't really take pictures when I am "directing" the players from the sidelines. I am not sure what my excuse is for Jake and his team, Pride but I will get around to it. For now, rest assured both kids are enjoying their seasons. Here they are the first week of games. Doesn't Jake looked thrilled at my wanting a picture?:

- We rarely make big plans for holiday weekends and we really needed the downtime to decompress after the kids first week at school so this long weekend included family movie night, video games, board games, play dates, and a BBQ with friends on Sunday. Joe unfortunately had to work on Monday.

- We went to the Home Depot kids workshop on Saturday and the kids again displayed their differences in personality when Jake's goal post had to be painted exactly like it showed in the picture and for the intended use while Jadyn mixed reds, pinks and purples and is currently using hers to display and store bracelets.

- Nerf wars are not my thing and utterly exhausting but the hugs of appreciation I received from Jake for participating with him made the whole thing worth it.

- Playing the game of Life on Saturday was quite eye-opening as Jadyn couldn't wait to have kids while Jake whined about why he had to get married and then proceeded to make his wife sit in the backseat. Joe of course, found this hilarious.

- While it would have been much easier to just buy Oreo cookie ice cream, the kids loved the Chocolate Creme Oreo milkshakes we made them to celebrate the completion of the first week of school and bid adieu to summer.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!


Cacey said...

Mmmm scrambled eggs... The Life comment totally made me laugh. We used to play that game all the time when I was little! That's awesome that you're coaching, I bet you're great at it.

Beth said...

Awesome smorgasbord of life events going on! First ketchup, now scrambled eggs. Now I'm hungry. ;-)