Monday, September 24, 2012

County Fair 2012

Over the years going to the county fair in the middle of the week (and playing hooky from school, shh don't tell) has become a family tradition and even though the temperatures are usually still in the 90's, we consider it our first activity of the fall season.

This year was no exception. It was hot. We saw all of our usual favorites, the farm animals, the garden and flower pavilion and the miniature train display. The kids dressed up like a princess and knight and rode tons of carnival rides. We did NOT eat anything fried, instead opting to wait until we left and eating dinner at Ruby's. I am sure my super burger with turkey meat and Oreo cookie shake was much better than a fried Twinkie or chocolate covered bacon, even if they are part of the "fair" experience.

Some highlights from this year included getting to see a mama goat birth two babies. The kids were interested and not nearly as grossed out as I thought. It was pretty cool to see them trying and succeeding to walk after being born about 10 minutes earlier.

We also went to a special reading exhibit where we watched a stage show for the Magic Tree House. The kids got to meet Jack and Annie and became Magic Tree House ambassadors, taking an oath to read 5 books and learn 5 new facts in a month and help someone learn to read. Of course being huge fans, the kids seemed to get a kick out of this.

But once again this year, it was the rides that really won them over - mazes and obstacle courses, swings, bumper cars, roller coasters and slides. The carnival rides were where it was at.

And with that, we give a proper welcome to Fall.


NathanandSolinda said...

It looks like it was a fun day! I am hoping our family can go next year.

Beth said...

Your Magic Tree House experience was way better than ours. LOL. And so cool that you got to see goats being born. I kind feel bad for the mama goat, though. :-) Glad you guys had fun!