Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This last weekend we went to Whitewater Preserve for a hike. I have been waiting for it to cool down enough to go since we didn't make it in the spring. For a description of the preserve and some cute pictures of both the kids and Kuma when they were younger, you can click on the link, our first trip to Whitewater Preserve.

And well hello there big, DSLR camera that has been gathering dust most of the summer. It was so worth it to bring you to the preserve for some pictures!

Jake HATES me taking his picture but he asks me to take his picture when it comes to showing off a rock he has climbed:

Joe tried to convince the kids that hot dogs grow on plants. They didn't fall for it:

Kuma of course, was in heaven. He splashed around the stream and retrieved sticks:

The majority of our time there was spent by the stream where the kids found 2 plastic water bottles that were left on the trail. They kept floating them down the stream and then calling to their "water buddies" until they could be caught. We had them carry their "water buddies" off the trail with them and put them in the recycling bin before we left.

The kids also found this frog and chased it down stream, giggling every time it hopped:

Eventually, the frog hopped its way to the side of the mountain and the kids had to let it go. Can you see how soaked their pants and tennis shoes got?

After changing out of their wet clothes, I had to snap a picture with the trout farm and ranger station in the background. It was a very nice outing that we completed by going by Joe's Grandma's house to have lunch and visit. With the weather slowly cooling down, I foresee a lot more hiking adventures in our future.

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