Monday, September 10, 2012

Kickin It!

Soccer season is in full swing and going well for both kids.

Jadyn has moved up from the under 6 coed division to the under 8 girls division. She is becoming more and more aggressive at going after the ball and seems to have a propensity for defense, like her brother. I am serving as the team mom and assistant coach for her team and love being out there with the girls, although Jadyn is still trying to grasp the concept of me being coach and not mom on the field.

I took this picture on the day of soccer pictures. It's been awhile since I had her hair in piggy tails:

Here she is at Saturday's game getting ready to turn the ball around and send it up field. Although the Cheetah Divas lost to the Limenators, they played a good game:

Jake has moved up from the under 8 boys division to the under 10 division. It was supposed to be all boys too but because registration numbers were down, they had to put the boys and girls back together. It's been an adjustment for everyone and far from ideal but the coaches and players make it work. Jake continues to play strong defense. However, his coach is really working with him on playing offensive as well, my guess would be because Jake has some serious speed. He came really close to scoring on 3 separate attempts in his game Saturday but he gets nervous at the last minute and doesn't make the greatest shots. Although his team, Pride lost to The Aliens 2-0, it was a good game and the kids played well.

I didn't get a picture of Jake on picture day. I had to walk away so they could attempt to get a natural smile out of him. I was making him nervous.

But I did get this awesome action shot of him on Saturday playing defense:

When the kids are both playing soccer, it tends to overrun your life. This year the kids practice schedules are on opposite nights so we are at the field Monday-Thursday and then on Saturday for games. Jake has been helping out and practicing with Jadyn's team, so he is himself practicing 4 nights a week and absolutely loving it. And the truth is that even with the huge time commitment, I enjoy it as well. What can I say, I was destined to be a soccer mom.


Carrie77 said...

Soccer IS a huge commitment! LOVE that shot of Jake, he is owning that ball :)

NathanandSolinda said...

Sariah was excited to see a picture of "her friend."