Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Working it Out Wednesday - Fall TV

So it has been a few weeks since most of the fall TV shows have debuted and it is time to talk about what I thought about premieres, new shows and the outcome of my attempt to cut back on my overall TV viewing time (you can read my original post here). Spoilers for those of you who are either not caught up or Netflix certain series.

What didn't make the cut?

Dancing with the Stars. The first week it was really easy not to watch it because it was on for like 5 hours that week. I was tempted when I would hear little rumblings, like how cute Kelly Osbourne was but it helped that my friends Scottie and Ali also decided to forgo the season. Now that we passing week 3, I don't miss it at all.

My reality fix:

Which leaves the Amazing Race as the only reality show on my season pass and this show doesn't need to fabricate drama because it comes out naturally under the circumstances of the race. Watching the yoga couple get eliminated before they even left the starting line was sheer entertainment, although I did feel bad for them, I enjoyed how "zen" they were about it stating that they absorbed the shame of being the first eliminated for everyone else. I love, love, love the female poker players, and although I have my doubts as to whether they are a strong enough team to make it to the end, I would really like to see an all female team win for once.

Favorite premiere:

Would have to be the legendary season opener of How I Met Your Mother. I loved watching Barney and Robin together and can't wait to see future episodes of Barney in a relationship as well as hopefully, finally, a glimpse of the mother.

What about drama:

Kind of lukewarm when it came to returning favorites. I knew Grey's Anatomy was going to be mediocre as everyone of Seattle Grace deals with George's death. I could honestly see this whole season being kind of a downer what with the merger and Izzie living with cancer. Plus, everyone is coupled up and what is the fun in that. Fringe, Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives, 90210 and Gossip Girl all also got off to a mediocre at best start, and yet none of them disappointed enough to make me stop watching. The one show that really caught me was one I was really considering dropping and that was Private Practice. Yes I expected high drama, even if predictable as everyone works to save Violet's life and find her missing baby but what I didn't expect was to finally get a better idea of Pete's past. I don't know if the show can continue to hold my interest but for now I think this season has a lot of potential.

The newbies rule:

I am very reluctant to get too attached to new series because networks don't give them much of a chance these days before they pull the rug out from underneath them but I have to say the debuting series are the ones that really caught my attention this fall. I am loving the Vampire Diaries. It is the perfect mix of teen angst with the additional danger and romanticism attached to mythical creatures. I love vampires who are conflicted about what they really are (think Louis, Angel and of course Edward). I am not familiar with the books this series is based on and I worry they put the two main characters together so quickly but it has definitely become a favorite of my week.

I also really like Ryan Murphy's Glee. While the pilot was wonderful, the following two shows that debuted this fall were a little over the top. But then Kurt was given the spotlight and not only was the episode immensely entertaining and touching, but now I can't stop singing Beyonce's "Single Ladies". Kurt is my hero, a perfect mix of an insecure high-schooler who despite that is not afraid to be exactly who he is. From that point on I was officially hooked!

FlashForward is great substitute for all of us Lost fans, who will have to wait until next winter to finally get some real answers. I thought it was a little cheesy the way they allowed FBI agent Benford to conveniently piece everything together so quickly but I guess the writers/producers/network felt they needed to unfold the story quickly. I just wish they would give viewers more credit sometime. Still the premise is fresh and thought-provoking: The entire world blacks out at the same time for 2 minutes and 17 seconds and sees a glimpse of their future on a very particular date and time. I hadn't thought about ALL the repercussions of the blackout and the premiere did an excellent job of visualizing it. I momentarily felt like I was watching a Jerry Bruckheimer end of the world action flick, but in a good way.

Finally, I also keeping my eye on two new ABC comedies: Modern Family and The Middle. Funny and especially for The Middle, very relateable We can all use a little comedy in our lives and it helps remind us that on days when it just seems like nothing can go right, we are not alone.

So as of right now that puts me at a total of 12 1/2 hours of TV. For now I am happy with this amount, although my goal was to be between 10-12 hours, this schedule gives me just enough down time each evening while still allowing me to be productive. Now it's your turn. I know their a lot of shows that are very popular that I don't watch (NCIS, Heroes, House) but what are you hooked on? What disappointed? What exceeded your expectations? Please indulge me and share your thoughts!

PS - I will update everyone on the working out/eating healthy front next week as I have caught my first cold of the season and it is honestly the last thing on my mind right now.


Steph said...

I LOVE How I Met Your Mother, and most Mondays I also DVR The Big Bang Theory.

I still have Gossip Girl and Grey's DVR'ing, but not sure for how much longer.

Project Runway (now on Lifetime), So You Think You Can Dance, and Biggest Loser are my reality shows this season.

And, I can't miss my two other favorites- NCIS and The Soup. I have a crush on Joel McHale!

Now that I've listed them all I'm not sure I want to add up all those hours!!!

LauraC said...

I'll do an update also on what is getting watched and what is getting dropped.

Jon and I are GEEKING OUT over FlashForward. Never before have we blown so many holes into scientific theories before. It is quite fun and I still love the show.

London said...

My taste is pretty boring, I think I only watch five shows every week. Dancing with the Stars (only on Monday's, I can't watch the elimination shows, too boring.) Criminal Minds (my favorite!) CSI: New York, America's Next Top Model and Numbers.

I'd probably watch more, but DH is super picky and we try not to watch too much tv.