Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Magoomba #20

So um, yeah. It is obviously not Monday and yet here I am just now getting a chance to write out my Magooomba post. Mondays are not only a busy start to our week but it is also the only day I generally don't have work to procrastinate doing, which means I tend to stay off the computer translating into a blog post that never gets written and posted. I can't believe we are already in October but I have lots to talk about so let me dive right in:

1) The hospital called last week to schedule Jake's hernia repair surgery. Because of cancellations, they offered us this Friday but I felt that not only was that too soon, I didn't want him to have to miss any soccer since the season is so short anyway, so it is scheduled for Friday November 13th. Then I realized just today, he is having surgery on Friday the 13th. Isn't that bad luck? I mean I know it's not and that it is just a silly superstition but it just gives me one more thing to be overly neurotic about.

2) Jake was among 7 students in his class to be invited to begin an after school enrichment program once a week. The program allows his teacher to devote more attention to those students that are ready to start reading and building their writing skills. So every Tuesday, Jake will stay at school until 3:15pm when the big kids get out. While I don't really like that he has to stay in school longer once a week, I am thankful that his teacher is so passionate about creating a love for reading in her students. It is one of the main reasons I requested her for Jake. I am also very proud of Jake for being part of the first group to be chosen.

3) The most random thing happened to Joe last week. He was leaving for work and had the radio dial on his favorite country station (blech if you ask me but whatever) when they asked listeners to call as they were giving away tickets to the qualifying and Nationwide series race at Auto Club Speedway for the following weekend. Well, Joe called and won the tickets! We are giving away the tickets to the race on Saturday for various reasons but we are headed down to Fontana for the qualifying Friday. So exciting! We had so much fun when we went on my birthday.

4) We had been having trouble getting Jake motivated to get ready for school quickly in the morning so I instituted a sticker chart. For every morning that he uses the bathroom, dresses, brushes his hair and teeth and eats breakfast quickly and without complaint, he earns a sticker. If he is able to fill up a week's worth of stickers then he earns a trip to McDonald's for a happy meal and playtime in the indoor park. McDonald's is not my favorite neither for the food or the cleanliness of the play area but this is what he really wanted. Well, last Wednesday when he earned his trip the weather was so absolutely gorgeous that I talked him to letting me take him through the drive-through and going as a family for a picnic in the park. We had such a nice evening. It is times like this that I remember why I love, love, love fall in the desert.

6) One word - GYMBUCKS! I am not a regular Gymboree shopper. In fact, what Jadyn does have from Gymboree is a few items I found on the clearance rack from the outlet store. But it was enough during our back to school shopping that I earned $25 in gymbucks, only they are not redeemable at the outlet so Friday night we went to this fancy outdoor mall by Joe's parents house and I got to buy Jadyn a couple super cute Gymboree items like this adorable "Little Sister" shirt with matching hair curlies.

You see "big sister" stuff all the time but I thought this t-shirt was cute and unique and what I love about Gymboree is how matchy-matchy their stuff is because I am big on coordinating colors (if you hadn't noticed). Anyway, I took this picture of the kids before we headed out to their cousin Madison's 6th birthday party. While there I really tried to get some pictures of the kids with their cousins but Madison is at an age where the boys and girls were segregated the whole time, which was pretty funny to watch. Jake had a blast with some of her guy pals playing shoot-em up games and wrestling in the bouncer. Madison was too cute looking out for Jadyn amongst all her classmates. So while we had fun, this was the only picture I got after Madison licked the frosting off her birthday cake. They are all getting so big!

7) And speaking of birthdays, Joe turned 33 yesterday. Now for the next 5 months I am the older woman by only two years instead of 3. We celebrated in the evening with spaghetti dinner (the only dish of mine that is considered a favorite) and chocolate cupcakes that Jake and Jadyn helped me make. Despite having crazy hectic schedules right now, Scottie and Ali were able to come over as a surprise to sing Joe Happy Birthday and I hope he had a nice day. The kids, who also colored and glued homemade cards for him, were so confused as to why he was not having a party with tons of people and gifts. They didn't quite get that birthdays are a little different once you are older. LOL!

8) Tomorrow for working it out Wednesday I am going to update everyone on my workout progress (for anyone who cares) and update everyone on the TiVo front. Until then hope everyone is having a productive week and enjoying fall.


Mel said...

I love Jadyn's little sister outfit. Too cute!

Joanna said...

So much goodness in this post. I love reading about your kids and all the cool stuff you guys do.

When I was little, I hated any reference to being "baby sister" so I never would have let my mom buy me little sister clothes. Now, I LOVE being the little sister since I'm going to be the last one to reach 40.

*Kc* said...

Love these posts! I don't think Fri 13th is a bad thing. I'm a little supersticious when I hear things like that too, but he'll be fine =) I'l pray for him if that helps any.

Their outfits are so cute! I love Gymboree, but never shop there. lol! I just like to look at their clothes and drool.

Steph said...

Gymboree! I love their clothes for little girls more than boys. I always have a hard time finding things I like for Cooper there. But, I always look anyway.

While I know I would think about Friday the 13th too, I don't think you have anything to worry about with the date. But, I do understand because I would think the same thing.

Happy Birthday Joe!