Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pick of the Patch

So as I mentioned we went to the pumpkin patch last week and I took a whooping 166 pictures to ensure that I got some good shots. I always view the pumpkin patch as two things - for one it is a great photo op for Halloween/fall time but also it is a great and fun experience and I wanted to capture both posed and candid photos of our trip this year. Hence the embarrassing number of photos. So many in fact, that I have to split the trip into THREE separate posts. Three of my favorite posed pictures were featured in my Wordless Wednesday pumpkin patch preview last week. Today I will focus on a narrative of our trip and all the fun activities we took part in and finally tomorrow, I will wrap up with some great photos of the kids individually. Phew!

Every year the Live Oak Canyon Tree Farm Pumpkin Patch does a unique and special display at the entrance, usually the best place to take posed pictures. Here is this year's:

I was determined to find a way to be some pictures, even though Joe was not with us. Sooo, I let each of the kids take a picture of me with the other one. That's right folks, Jake took this picture and it only required minor editing:

And Jadyn took this picture of me and Jake. I was so impressed that she didn't end up taking a picture of the ground, not to mention that by letting them take part in the picture taking, they were way more receptive to letting me take pictures of them:

The kidlets at the entrance:

While Jadyn still manages to keep a pretty natural smile (even though her eyes seem to wander), Jake on the other hand has started producing this new cheesy grin that he has invented. I had been warned that this would eventually happen:

Aunt Tawnya and cousins Madison and Ethan joined us at the patch and here is the whole group on top of the hay castle, a yearly tradition at the patch. It was sheer coincidence that Madison and Jadyn had on the same candy corn pants:

New this year was a giant corn maze. Here are 3 out of the 4 kids holding hands as they lead us through:

And Jake's excitement as he lets us know, "This way!"

Almost to the end. It was Ethan who finally found the way out:

Bouncy slides. The kids were told beforehand that we were limiting the rides to 2 each because a) to me that is not the point of the pumpkin patch and b) it gets expensive quick:

Here are all the kids running through the actual pumpkin patch:

And Jake and Jadyn's teamwork in lifting this big pumpkin up:

After Aunt Tawnya, Madison and Ethan left, the kids wanted to go on one more ride - a ride that in the 3 years prior Jake had been too scared to go on. Not this year:

Back around to the hay castle where Jake and Jadyn enjoyed jumping off over and over:

Then we made a stop at the petting zoo to feed and pet the goats, amongst other animals:

Towards the end, Jadyn started to get tired and she kept hugging and leaning on Jake. It was really cute:

It was here under the pumpkin tent where we finally made our purchases, including the two big pumpkins that we will be carving later this week:

So stay tuned folks and try to hang in there. One more day of pumpkin patch pics before I put this one to bed. And I have to say that this was the best year ever as far as getting good pictures AND having fun. The kids had an absolute blast, even though Daddy's presence was definitely missed.


Steph said...

I love the picture of the three holding hands in the maze. And, both Jake and Jadyn did a great job taking a picture on their own!

LauraC said...

Love all the pics!! And you are brave, letting the kids take the camera. The boys get the small camera but not the big one.

Joanna said...

Cute, cute, cute! I love the one of Jadyn leaning on Jake. Big brothers are the coolest.