Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rock scrambling at Indian Cove

One of the biggest reasons the Morongo basin has grown on me is the fact that Joshua Tree is in our backyard. We may have to drive an hour to get to the nearest Target, but who else can be in national park in less than 10 minutes?

And after a wonderful spring in which we went on numerous trails to view the wildflower blooms, I am determined to take advantage of the mild fall weather with more hikes and short trips like the one we took this last Sunday to the Indian Cove area of the park. After Jake and Jadyn spent a good amount of time at the beach this summer climbing the rock jetties, we knew that taking the kids rock scrambling would be a big hit. They even confessed that they had more fun climbing up, over and through the rocks than if we took them to a playground or back to the carnival.

Before I get to the pictures, the following two observations:

1) Being surrounded by nature's unspoiled beauty, I couldn't help but think that this is all I need. For me personally, this is my church:

2) It's pretty ironic that I took the camera with me having every intention to get more candid photos of the kids, only to have them pose every time they climbed a new rock, even exclaiming "Look at me Mom, take my picture!"

On the way to take the kids to school this morning I heard a very interesting fact that makes today's post even more appropriate; this month marks the 15th anniversary since Joshua Tree National Park was created by the California Desert Protection Act passed by Congress in 1994.

And completely unrelated but I would remiss not to mention it; as of today the official countdown begins. Only 30 more days until The Twilight Saga: New Moon hits theaters on November 20th. Can you tell I am excited?


Mindee Davis said...

Jeffrey and I are sooo looking forward to hitting up Joshua Tree if we go back. We loved taking the girls when we lived there last. I think I have pictures of my girls on the very rocks Jake and Jadyn are playing on. Hope you guys have a great time there this fall.

Joanna said...

Wow, that is gorgeous. I LOVE rock scrambling. I went to college on Mt Desert Island and maintained a season pass for Acadia National park the entire time I was there. It was well worth the 40 minute ride to McDonald's to wake up in the morning and look out at Cadillac mountain. (Maine has some great rock scrambling too)

I completely agree with your feeling that a national park can be your "church". I think it's so wonderful that you are sharing this with your kids.

Also completely agree on the New Moon excitement.

*ends gushing*

Steph said...

That park looks awesome. One thing my parents really did well when my sister and I were little and moving around so much w/my dad in the Air Force was to take us to all of those national treasures when we were close to them. At the time I didn't appreciate it a whole lot, but looking back on it, they did a fab job.

I noticed your countdown clock is under 30 days... did you get the new soundtrack? I saw they bumped up the release date a few days...