Monday, October 19, 2009

Pioneer Days

We finally decided to stop being snobs and participate in this year's local Pioneer Day festivities. I guess after living here for 6+ years, it's about time we start considering this our home. Last year the weekend of Pioneer Days, we went out of town to go apple picking. We did not have the greatest experience but I was initially willing to try one more time again this year because I think it could be a fun and educational experience. Mother nature had other plans however, as an early spring frost severely limited the apple picking season so it really wasn't a feasible option.

We kicked off Pioneer Days on Thursday by visiting the carnival for 25 cent ride night - the only night we were willing to go to the carnival because otherwise those rides are a complete ripoff. Jake was not only able to enjoy several rides but we ran into his buddy Sam from school, so he was able to enjoy them with a good friend. Unfortunately, Jadyn was only tall enough to go on the carousel. I would have to say she was a pretty good sport about it. Joe took her over to the playground so she could play while I helped Jake blow through his gaggle of ride tickets.

Here is Jake and I going down the slide. I had to go down with him TWICE before he would brave the slide without me:

Jake and Sam on the motorcycles. This was his favorite:

Jake and Sam on the dragon roller coaster. For some reason Jake wasn't the least bit scared to go on this one:

And Jadyn giving Daddy a pageant wave from her horsey:

On Saturday morning, we went out to support our local firefighters by attending their annual pancake breakfast at the firehouse. This was for me anyway, the highlight of the Pioneer Days weekend because it was kind of neat to eat at the firehouse for one, and two I never allow myself to eat pancakes with real butter and syrup. They were yummy and the kids and Joe enjoyed it as well. Here is Jake and Jadyn in front of the one of the firetrucks before leaving:

Finally we headed over to city hall to watch the parade. Hard to believe but this is the first time I have taken the kids to a parade. I have been a little spoiled in this department, having gone to the Rose Parade several times while growing up. So while our little town parade cannot quite compete with the Tournament of Roses, the kids seemed to enjoy the marching band, tanks from the base, horses and a few little floats. Here they are (again with Jake's buddy Sam) watching the parade:

Jadyn dancing to the music:

Kicking back for the show:

One of the floats:

Jake dancing around with Sam:

They are quite chummy and thankfully too since they go to school, play t-ball and soccer together:

So all in all it was a pretty good time and I am pretty sure that the 25 cent carnival ride night and pancake breakfast will become part of our fall traditions. Because after all, that is what Pioneer days is all about - celebrating those that came here before us and starting traditions. While many people may wonder what would possess someone to settle in such a hostile desert environment, after 6 years of living here, I am starting to get it. And one of the biggest reasons why this place has grown on me will be the subject of my next post.

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