Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Magoomba #21

I am not even going to pretend that I tried to do a blog post on Monday, especially considering it was a holiday Monday and Jake had the day off from school. Now, I am going to see exactly how random I can be:

1) What is everyone's problem with sweats? I know there is this stereotypical picture of the frazzled moms with baggy sweats and unkempt hair dropping their youngsters off at daycare or school but that doesn't mean sweats cannot be a sensible part of a stylish mom's wardrobe. I consider myself a fairly stylish mom but when I am headed straight to the park to sweat it out on the track for 3 miles then yes, you are going to find me in sweats or gaucho pants with a t-shirt when I drop off Jake at school. So what?

2) The cats are right now as we speak, at the vet's office getting their final set of shots and being fixed. I can't wait until this afternoon when we get to pick them up. Groggy and recovering kitties are always entertaining to watch. And no, I am not all evil. I do sympathize with them.

3) I dodged a bullet - for now. I woke up yesterday with pain and swelling in the back right side of my mouth. When I woke up this morning and it wasn't gone, all these worst case scenarios started swirling around (because that is what I do). I could just hear the oral surgeon who just 4 months ago could not give me a compelling reason to have my impacted wisdom teeth taken out saying, "I told you so". Luckily, a quick trip to the dentist confirmed that I simply chewed up my cheek and gum in my sleep (sorry for the TMI, I know it is gross). Unfortunately, it is most likely caused from the position of my wisdom teeth so I now have my compelling reason. This has always been a big fear of mine, hence why it has not already been taken care of. I am now looking at having it done after the first of the year. Fun times!

4) I cannot thank everyone enough for all the supportive comments and thought-provoking conversations that resulted from my post about faith and religion. I will be sure to keep everyone updated.

5) At the dinner table last week, Jake was skipping numbers (aka counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, etc). Joking around, Joe asked him if he could skip by 6s and to our utter astonishment Jake looked at us and without so much as a blink of his eye rattled off the numbers 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30. With a little more thought he continued to "skip" by 6's all the way to 100! Jake definitely has a way with numbers and we have to give credit to his Stars Wars Leapster game for helping us realize this.

7) Speaking of dinner, I am really trying to find some new quick and easy or make ahead/crockpot type recipes. Yesterday we made chicken and dumplings in the crockpot. It was okay, definitely needs some modification for next time. I would recommend less biscuit dough in smaller pieces, adding veggies and maybe a few more spices. it is SUPER simple though. Here is the recipe for those interested (read the comments for suggested modifications)

8) Jadyn's newest saying is "cute as pie". I think she means "cutie pie" but she will go up to the cats and squeeze and hug and love on them and say, "oh, you are as cute as pie".

9) Last week we were all down with a cold, but we were all feeling better enough to make it to Fontana for the Nascar practice/qualifying on Friday, Jake's picture day and soccer game Saturday and a trip to the Living Desert on Monday (pics to come). Right now I am trying to figure out when we can go apple picking and make a visit to the pumpkin patch. Until then, here is a sneak peek of the kids in their Halloween outfits:

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and productive week!


*Kc* said...

What's wrong with sweats?! I don't like the old school kind that only fat guys wear, but I like the cute stylish "running pants" kind. Someone giving you a hard time?? I'll get em.. lol!

Jaidyn looks as "cute as pie" in her halloween outfit! ;)

London said...

I don't have a problem with your sweats, I have a problem with MY sweats. ;) Especially these days when I can't seem to put on anything else!