Thursday, July 31, 2014

Crime-Fighting Cheerleaders at Spring Recital

As if the end of the school year isn't busy enough, Jadyn had her spring recital. This time around the theme of the recital was "At the Cinema" so all the routines were choreographed to music best known from movies.

Jadyn's cheer class were "wonder woman-esque" crime-fighters performing to the theme music from Inspector Gadget. It was a cute routine and I was proud of Jadyn and the other girls for giving it their all.

Ready to go:


A few action shots from dress rehearsal:



Jadyn with her Quakes cheer squad:


All smiles after the show:


I love recital time. Jadyn and I have a lot of fun being total girls; I get to curl her hair, paint her nails and I let her wear some stage make-up. She enjoys getting all made up for the occasion.

This past year Jadyn has also been taking a tumbling class at her dance studio and after a lot of hard work and some setbacks, she finally got her backbend kickover from standing earning her the chance to move up to the Intermediate class.

I love watching Jadyn perform. It's neat to see her doing something she truly enjoys and working hard to improve at it.

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