Saturday, July 19, 2014

Coachella Baby!

As you may or may not recall, Joe got me a ticket to this year's Coachella Music and Art Fesitval for my birthday. Rose and I had gone back in 2010 and had a blast. This was the first year since then that the lineup really made me want to go again, despite the fact that the festival has since gotten very popular and commercialized. I again went with my partner in crime, Rose and again was reminded that I cannot in fact party like a rock star.

While we had a blast, seeing 25 bands with less 8 hours of sleep over a span of 3 days really made me feel my age. It was EXHAUSTING!

As soon as we arrived on Friday, it was clear that the atmosphere of the festival had definitely changed since we were last there. So many people are there preoccupied with what they are wearing and care only to socialize and party. It takes away from the people like us that are genuinely there for the music. Rose and I immediately decided that we would probably never spend the money to go again. Of course we say that but throw the right bands together into the lineup and we may not be able to resist. Seeing that many artists back to back is pretty darn cool.

Friday highlights: Mrs. Mr., Grouplove, Haim and Broken Bells. But first, let me take a selfie:



Saturday highlights: Officially known as Conflictchella because of the number of bands we wanted to see at the same time; Lorde and Sleigh Bells (girl power!), Empire the Sun and Muse.







Sunday highlights: Naked and the Famous, Beck, and Arcade Fire (amazing live just like I have always been told), having them bring out Daft Punk at the opening of the show (even if it turned out to be Paft Dunk and not the real thing) and fighting our way to be super close to the stage.



And to make things even crazier, Coachella was held over Easter weekend and I had to wake up early Monday to take the kids to the dentist and then head down to the beach for spring break. No rest for this mama!

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