Saturday, July 19, 2014

Seven Days of Spring Break 2014 Edition

Monday, after an exhausting weekend of Coachella and Easter, the kids and I went for their routine dental checkup (with no cavities!) and then headed to meet Joe who was at Camp Pendleton for the week for work.

We checked into the hotel:


And then headed to Oceanside Pier for dinner at our favorite restaurant Ruby's!


Tuesday while Joe was at work we met the Millers at Legoland for a fun-filled day at the amusement park:



Wednesday was Jake's 10th birthday (I seriously cannot believe my baby boy is TEN!).

He opened his present:


We went to Ruby's Carlsbad for breakfast (Jake's choice):


We went to Flower fields in Carlsbad, 50 acres of colorful flowers on a hillside overlooking the Pacific ocean. Pictures really do not do it justice. The fields are only in bloom for 6-8 weeks a year so we just couldn't pass up being there at the right time. They also have a fun little passport for the kids to fill with stamps at 8 stations located throughout the fields. After you have collected all the stamps (to include finding your way through the sweet pea maze) then you get a discount to pan for gold. It is really fun:




We finished off the day with games at Chuck E. Cheese, dinner out and night swimming in the hotel pool:


By Thursday, we were ready for a relaxing day of sun and surf at Swami's beach:





Friday we went to Del Mar beach on base because the kids just had to climb the rocks. Only our desert rats would come to the beach to rock scramble:


We headed home so Jake could have his friends over for a birthday sleepover (pictures to come in a separate post).

Most of Saturday looked something like this:


And the rest of the weekend and our "over in the blink of an eye" spring break was spent relaxing and preparing to go back to school. As usual, when our spring break is so late in the year, it serves as a great preview of what's to come for summer.

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Carrie said...

You are really making me want to take the kids to California for a trip sometime! There are so many neat things to do there. You are so cute in the black maxi on the beach! I can't believe Jake is 10 either... just crazy!!