Thursday, July 24, 2014

Celebrating the end of the school year

The first week in June was the last full week of school and full it was!

I knew with Jake going into 4th grade this year that it would be a big transition for him. Up until now, school has come fairly easy to him. This year he had to take more responsibility for staying organized and stay on top of both daily homework and more long term projects. Although certain aspects of this were a struggle for him, he really stepped up to the challenge. He was able to achieve Dean's List all 3 trimesters but even above that, Jake received the award for academic achievement for being the best overall student for the 3rd trimester. At the awards assembly, Jake's teacher spoke about watching Jake turn into an avid reader this year, finding his nose in a book during extra class time. She talked about how far he had come with his writing. She also praised his ability to think outside the box. For his final California mission project, instead of building a model out of sugar cubes or a prefabricated kit, he recreated the Mission San Luis Rey in Minecraft and gave his class a presentation on my laptop. It is with these types of assignments that Jake truly engages and gets excited about school and learning. I can only hope he continues to get teachers who spark this him and bring out his best. I am so proud of all his hard work this year.


Jadyn also had a great school year, continuing to put 100% into all her schoolwork. For these efforts, she received the Star reading award all 3 trimesters. As well, I was sad to see 2nd grade coming to an end because I absolutely adored Jadyn's teacher this year. Of course I was also sad because holy cow my kids are growing up TOO FAST!


One of the traditions at our elementary school is the end of the year field day. While other schools might mix a little water play in with other activities, in our neck of the woods it's just too plain hot for anything outside that doesn't involve water. So all of our stations involved getting the students wet and as a volunteer, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to be a part of it. I got my kids wet. I got my students wet. I got everyone I could wet. It was a blast.


Finally on Friday, Student Leadership helped out with the end of year dance for the upper grades. This year it was a Hawaiian Paradise theme and I supervised the younger SLT members who worked the game booths for those attending. It was also a blast.


But we still had some celebrating to do and the week wasn't over yet......

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