Monday, August 4, 2014

Father's Day at Lost Lake

With summer break officially in full swing, it was time to hit the road and head out to the river. It was a perfect way to celebrate Father's Day, at Joe's favorite home away from home. I was particularly excited to see what Bailey thought of the boat and the water. Spoiler alert - she was not impressed.

We have arrived. It is not lost nor is it a lake but whatever:


What? This isn't my seat?:


It was easy to get Bailey out of the boat and onto the shore but only because she disliked the sound of the boat MORE than she disliked the water:


First order of business, a sand bath:


Hanging out:


All smiles: Every time they swam across this inlet, Kuma followed them.


Meanwhile, Bailey said she was perfectly fine right here:


She was happy to stay on the beach and dig (literally for like an hour straight):


This was the result of all her hard work:


To commemorate the occasion:


Tuckered out, the dogs said they are ready:


So it was time to go, but first let me take a selfie. Just us girls:


Bailey slowly warmed to the boat and the water, Kuma and the kids reminded us how much they love the water and it was a great first trip of the season.

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Cacey said...

(I've been slacking on my blog reading this summer.) I love you in that hat!