Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jadyn turns EIGHT!

As I mentioned, Jake had his first scrimmage for his club soccer team on the day of Jadyn's birthday. Since traveling 2 hours away to watch a soccer game in the heat was not the most fun way for a little girl to spend her birthday, I took her out Friday evening to Build a Bear for a pre-birthday celebration. She loves her stuffed animals and she really wanted to create a bunny in a cheerleading costume to celebrate her upcoming recital. Build a Bear is always so much fun.

Introducing Hoppy:


And here is Jadyn posing with Hoppy and her new Barbie house:


Jadyn had also opted for a low-key sleepover to celebrate her birthday so after the soccer game Saturday a few of her friends from school came over. This group of girls were fun, sassy, creative and LOUD. I don't know if I would describe the mayhem that ensued as low-key. Girls sleepovers are VERY different from boys sleepovers. I guess I should have expected that. There was make-up and dressing up, singing and dancing, giggles and tears and even a little bit of sleeping in there somewhere. Everyone had a blast.






Happy 8th birthday to my sweet and sassy baby girl!


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