Monday, September 2, 2013

Beach Vacation Day 2: Sea World San Diego

Last year when we planned our beach vacation, we let the kids decide which amusement park to go to and despite having had a season pass and going numerous times, they still choose Legoland. SOOO, this year we didn't give them a choice. We hadn't been to Sea World since Jake was 4 and Jadyn was 2. Jake may have remembered vaguely but Jadyn had no recollection at all and we all know how much Jadyn loves, loves, loves animals. It also happens to be my favorite. I would choose Sea World over Disneyland, Legoland, Knott's Berry Farm or Magic Mountain every time. I could literally sit and watch the emperor penguins and sea otters ALL DAY LONG. I was super excited.

And what better way to start a long day then by fueling up with breakfast at Rubys?!?!?:


After arriving, we did a quick ride and then headed over for the first Shamu show of the day. The kids were just as awestruck as I imagined they would be. It really is amazing:


And the kids saw how wet the people got in the splash zone and instead of thinking how smart we were to be sitting up high, they begged to sit in the splash zone for the next show. Go figure:


I opted out of riding Shipwreck Rapids, which allowed me the chance to get this great picture of our crew before heading under a bridge:


We got to see and feel starfish:


and feed the bat rays:


We got to see the beautiful bright salmon color of the flamingos:


and watch and hear the seal lions as they are fed:


More amazing interactions and tricks during the dolphin show:


and the kids were still all smiles after getting soaked in the splash zone:


Not pictured were the walks we took through the shark and penguin encounters, the polar bears and beluga whales we saw on the Wild Artic and the smiles we had after riding rollercoasters like the new Manta (more than once!). It was a fun day.

And what can I say? Boys will be boys.


Once we left the park, we stopped to eat dinner and headed back to the cottage exhausted and content. But the best part? Our tickets included free admission for the rest of the year so we will definitely be making a trip back sometime this fall.

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