Monday, September 16, 2013

More of this.....

Week days have been consumed with school and work and homework and cheer and tumbling and soccer practices and dentist appointments and meetings.

This past weekend was more of this......


Soccer! Jake's season has started off great. He is playing for the King Cobras and I am serving as team mom. Jake has already scored 3 goals this season and I just love watching him on the field.

 And more of this.....

Sunday, the Millers had us over to take the toys out. Here is Mr. Johnny jumping with Jadyn:


And Jake getting brave enough to try and jump. He said it felt like he was as high as Mr. Johnny and was a little disappointed when he saw the picture but I think it's awesome:


The Millers have 3 small quads, 1 big one and a dirt bike so when we take the toys out the kids are constantly playing "musical vehicles". It was just too precious when Michael took Jadyn out for a spin:


And although no one got a picture, I jumped on and rode one too. It's so much fun. I see a lot of this in our future and especially as the weather starts to cool down.

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