Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Apparently it's not a fluke

Over the summer we introduced the kids to the classic board game Monopoly. I was skeptical whether they would like it or not, as I have memories (albeit fond) of some very long drawn out games.

But playing Monopoly is both family fun and nostalgia at its very finest and the kids really took to the game. I don't remember exactly, but we had a few games that were never finished and if I recall correctly, Joe won the first game we managed to complete.

HOWEVER, since those first few times, I have been keeping better track and Jadyn is an animal at Monopoly. The first time she won I figured it was just the luck of the draw, a fluke even. But no, she has managed to beat us two consecutive times since her first win. She has a very gutsy strategy of buying everything she can, making a few well-thought out trades and then immediately putting houses and eventually hotels on ALL her properties. Apparently her non-conservative approach is working for her. The high rent for landing on her properties eventually forces the other players to mortgage their properties leading to bankruptcy and an untimely demise.


I love watching the way she plays, her willingness to take a risk and how much fun she has doing it. Really, it is quite admirable. Sometimes I wish I had her courage. I think it's great.


Cacey said...

Haha too funny! I taught Sophia how to play Uno (with sort of modified rules) yesterday and she won four times in a row! Of course, there's no strategy there...

Carrie said...

You are making me want to pull our Monopoly board out this weekend! Uno was a game I always played with my Grandma, it brings back a lot of memories of her!