Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who knew we had two cats?

During the mild months of spring and fall and even the scorching heat of summer, the cats spend A LOT of time outdoors. Some may argue about the risks of having indoor/outdoor cats and we have had our incidents of the hunter becoming the prey and injuries because of our decision. But, I have always allowed our cats the choice to go outside and they enjoy it so very much.

However, last week our weather cooled considerably, going from the 80's to the low 60's and even lower at some points with added wind and rain. And off topic, I wasn't too happy that we seemed to have missed out on the low 70's/high 60's that is a favorite for me in fall. But apparently, this change in weather has decreased the amount of time the cats spend outside, basically they go out to do their business and maybe for a short jaunt during the right time of day. Otherwise they are inside, which means they play inside as well as want more attention and cuddle time too. It's like all of a sudden we have two new cats in addition to the dog. I found a majority of my pictures from this last week were 1) involving the cats and 2) taken with my new iPhone camera. Still getting used to it but nice when I don't want to drag out or lug around my SLR.

So glad we got Kuma a dog bed, which he never uses but the cats seem to find it a cozy place to cuddle up for a midday nap:

Friday begging for fresh sink water from the kids during their pre-bedtime teeth brushing:

And Friday again, zonked out next to Jadyn while she watches her post-school day cartoon:

Quickly, the only other news from last week was that on Thursday Jadyn got to wear her Halloween costume to ballet. Kind of fun:

And our school had their fall festival that same night. The kids had a blast and I was glad they moved it indoors, although I wish I would have known because I was bundled up to be outside and ended up sweating during my assigned time working the 2nd grade ring toss game. What can you do?

We finished the weekend by watching a lot of sequels - Cars 2, Spy kids 2 and X-Men 2. We also were very productive, getting lots of pre-holiday toy/junk purging and planning done. The kids went through their rooms and picked out stuff to donate, I ordered our holiday cards and made a list of the winter clothing items the kids still need. I also got a good list going for my holiday shopping. Can't believe it will be here before we know it.

Jadyn after going through her plethora of dress-up clothes and accessories. She specifcally asked to have her picture taken so I could share it with my friends:

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