Tuesday, November 8, 2011

School Pictures

School pictures were at the beginning of October. We got them back a few weeks ago. I thought Jadyn's turned out fairly cute:

But Jake's? I don't know why other people have such hard time getting a decent smile out of him. I know he is going through that awkward "cheese" phase but did they really think this was acceptable?

I knew it was bad when I asked Joe if he thought it was worthy of having it retaken on the designated day and he agreed.

So, retake day is this week. I had told Jake that I was going to have him retake his picture, that while it was an okay picture I know he can look much more handsome (I was trying not to make him feel bad).

Jake came home from school yesterday and said, "They are letting me retake my picture this week but I have to wear make-up or something like that," he scrunched up his face in a sort of grin (similar to his school picture actually) looking truly confused and frankly so was I. And then I realized where the confusion came in. His teacher had said they were having "make-up pictures" as in to make up for those who had missed them or needed them retaken. I cracked up at Jake thinking he was going to have to wear make-up for the picture. That is just too cute - classic Funny Nose!


Lindsay said...

Funny! And he is so much more handsome than that picture. I wasn't thrilled with JTC's smile either, but it was already make-up day. (He came home with strep on original pic day.) Oh, well.

Mel said...

Jadyn's is super cute, and I just cracked up laughing at Jake's! You should keep it around to look at years from now, but getting a make-up (hahahaha) pic is a good idea! That was hilarious!

Karen said...

You would think that they could do a better job since digital pics have become widely used. How long could it take to take more than one shot?

Carrie77 said...

Haha! TOO funny. Nathan's photos are always a little goofy, too! But, yeah, that is def. a retake! At least Jadyn's turned out really pretty, hopefully Jake's will be good the 2nd try!