Friday, November 4, 2011

Reversal of Fortune

I mentioned that the kids had their 6 month dentist cleanings and check-ups last Friday before all those fun Halloween activities. In the past, Jadyn has never had a check-up without the discovery of a new cavity. She just doesn't have good teeth. I have actually lost count but I think she has a total of 5 or so fillings now. Yikes I know!

Well, she has gotten so used to having cavities filled that when she came out of the room from getting her teeth cleaned she wanted to know why her mouth didn't feel funny - as in numb. She could hardly fathom the idea of going in just to have her teeth cleaned and checked. And I am happy to report that she is cavity free!!!!

Jake on the other hand was not so lucky. He has his first cavity. Cue the boos. On top of that his 4 permanent bottom teeth are coming in crowded and crooked. To hopefully help make more room and have them come in a little straighter, the dentist is recommending he have his bicuspids extracted. We are going to have the one tooth pulled when they fill his cavity, since that whole side will already be numb. As for the other side, we will wait and see. I feel so bad because while Jadyn has gotten used to the whole process, this is going to be a totally new experience for Jake and while the dentist said the extraction was "not a big deal", I have heard from other people that you are pretty sore afterwards. I am planning a special treat for him after that visit - it will happen in a week and half. Wish us luck.

The funny part of the dentist visit came when Jake was getting his teeth cleaned and the hygienist mentioned how loose one of his teeth was. I told her he always waits until they literally fall out. While we were talking about it she said, "Oops! It just fell out while I was cleaning it". Hey at least he got a visit from the tooth fairy out of the deal.

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Carrie77 said...

Nathan is my cavity King. Autumn I have been lucky with so far. Cavities are NOT cheap either! I get major anxiety every time their checkups come up!