Friday, November 18, 2011

Style Sense

Jake has been taking a more active roll in his attire these days. I still lay out his clothes for him the night before but he has been adding accessories that almost everyday include a hat, sunglasses and gloves. I think it is endearing:

Jadyn and I have continued to just have so much fun together with clothes. The night before we pick out her clothes, decide what shoes look best with it, how she is going to wear her hair and what hair accessories will complete the look. I have been having a lot of luck at the Gymboree outlet because frankly now that she is in little girls sizes, my usual favorites such as Target and Old Navy seem to forget that they are LITTLE girls. Jadyn was particularly pleased with this little ensemble we put together:

Also note that the PIGTAILS are back!!! All of a sudden, she is willing to wear them again, although she insists they be lower then I used to have them. Fine with me. I love her in piggy tails.

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Joanna said...

LOL. Love Jake's additions and Jadyn's pig tails!