Thursday, November 17, 2011

Magoomba Update

Updates on random items that have previously been mentioned on the blog.

This past Saturday was the last soccer game of the season, which also meant end of the season parties for both kids' teams. Jadyn had hers at McDonalds (the weather was cold, not a lot of options in our town). The kids had fun in the playland and Jadyn received her trophy. I made flip photo books with pictures I had taken of the team throughout the season to present to both coaches. Here is Jadyn is with Coach Malerie. If she looks familiar its because Ms. Malerie was a teacher at the kids' preschool (excuse the random people in the background. It was chaotic and I just wanted to get a shot to preserve the memory):

Tuesday Jake had the dreaded dentist appointment to fill his first cavity and have a tooth extracted to hopefully make room so his permanent teeth can come in straighter than they currently are. Jake was nervous. I was nervous. But in the end, it all went rather smoothly. Here he is leaving the office biting on gauze to control the oozing:

We then went to Wal-mart for him to pick out a small Lego toy (Star Wars Clone Wars in case you were wondering) and for frozen yogurt after the numbness started wearing off.

Coincidentally, Jake had his end of season soccer party that evening at Pizza Hut and wasn't the least bit affected by his earlier trip to the dentist. Jake received a trophy (Bobble head ones of all things) and again we presented the coach with a flip photo book with pictures from the season. Here is the team (minus only one player) showing off their trophies:

Finally, on Monday Jadyn's weekly newsletter included the recipients of October's Student of the Month awards and Jadyn received the Academics award for achievement in reading. I am so proud of her and after seeing Jake get awards for the last 2 years, not to mention just last month, she was super excited. As soon as we get her award (the school had run out), we will be making another trip to Carrow's for her free breakfast and to celebrate her accomplishment. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture to share since the school cut down on awards ceremonies due to time constraints (which was actually fine with me because I think once a month assemblies was a little much).

That's all for now. Gotta get my work done and rest up. Midnight showing of Breaking Dawn Part I tonight with a great group of gals. My expectations are so low for this movie (seeing as how they have butchered all the books in their adaptations and this book wasn't even that good), I might just end up pleasantly surprised.

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Joanna said...

Lots of cool stuff. Poor Jake and his tooth. Did the tooth fairy visit for it?

I love your attitude about breaking dawn. I'm planning on seeing it in two weeks even though it has to stink, right? How could it not? But go I will.