Monday, September 5, 2011

Why I am no longer going to spend money buying Jadyn toys

She uses her wild imagination (which I love) to get attached to the oddest things. Some of current favorite possessions are:

Snaily - she found this rock at one of Jake's soccer games and deemed it a snail. The leaf is it's bed, the stick standing up is his boat and the other sticks are it's favorite birthday presents from a recent party it had:

Her "puppies". Jadyn has I don't know how many stuffed animals (probably her favorite real toys) but she saw these pieces of Kuma's training collar and decided they were puppies. She carries them around in a special basket:

Her "cell phone". Again she probably has at least 3 toy cell phones that light up, make ringing noises and even speak back to her, but she found this cardboard inset from the box Joe's latest phone came in and decided it was her phone. She even sets it on the counter where I keep my phone:

Finally, okay this is technically a toy. Jake's Legos. He made her a mouse city. The mice are the little teeny tiny circular Legos that serve as headlights for vehicles and such:

Jadyn has never got into collected or playing with one or two particular things the way Jake constantly plays with his hot wheel and Nascar diecasts and now his army men. She always wants toys she sees on TV but she seldom plays with her Littlest Pet Shops or Zoobles, although she plays with those a little more frequently then her other toys. However she is constantly role playing and using her imagination to turn ordinary objects into something much more elaborate and that is why I am no longer going to spend money on toys for her. I can just take her to the park and help her find some interesting rocks and sticks.


Mel said...

Analese does the exact same things! Yes, toys are a complete waste of money for her. Give her some construction paper, scissors and glue and that is all she needs. She goes out in the yard and collects leaves and comes in and glues them into "books." Boxes are great fun also. And rocks and threads and buttons and various odds and ends.

Joanna said...

I just love hearing about how imaginative some kids are. Jadyn really is creative and I love that Jake indulges her as well. They are such a good match for one another.

For fun, you could take her to a fabric store and let her dig through the remnant bin for some cheap scrapes of fabric to buy and play with.

Angela said...

dude, that mice maze is genious. Stealing the idea to keep Garrett entertained this weekend <3