Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dance and Debating

As if the first week of soccer games wasn't enough to keep us busy, the dance studio Jadyn attends started their fall session. Jadyn has moved up to the next level - from pre-ballet to Ballet 1A. I think taking the summer off was the BEST idea. She was so excited to go back and see her friend Kimberly and start a new class.

Before leaving:

At the bar in class with Kimberly:

Now for the debate part. After ballet, I let Jadyn "observe" the newly added clean and screened hip hop class. It took her all of 5 minutes before she asked if she get out there and participate, which I told her she could. Every class allows for one free trial class anyway. As the class continued I don't think she ever stopped smiling. She kept creeping closer and closer to the front of the class and was quite smitten with the very energetic male teacher. The idea in my mind was that maybe once soccer was over, she could add the hip hop class to ballet but of course, she wants to do it now.

I am already breaking the rules I had tentatively had in my head - one activity at a time for each child. Last year, I told her I would let her do both soccer and ballet because honestly, I didn't think she would like soccer. But she did and wanted to play again this year. I didn't want her to have to give up ballet because she likes that too, so I let her do both again this year. At some point she will have to chose between team sports and dance but I want it to be her decision. The only reason I am considering letting her take the hip hop class now and not wait until soccer is over is because a) I am worried if we wait, the class will fill up and their won't be a spot for her and b) if the hip hop class participates in the winter recital, waiting until November or December to join the class will make it harder for her to catch up in time for the show. Not to mention that she is in school only half day and she has been adamant that she can do both dance classes and soccer. She proved at least last week that she could. Joe's opinion, which also weighs in quite heavily is that it going to be too much for her.

So hence the debate. I would love to her other's opinions about what ground rules or experiences they have for their kids or had as themselves growing up.


Lindsay said...

That's tough. In the same situation, I think I would make her chose 2 on principle (and a great lesson!). I would explain that she's made a commitment to her soccer team for the season and her ballet class for however long. When one of those commitments ends, she can chose another activity.

At least, that's what I plan to do!

Joanna said...

Lindsay summed it up better than I could have. In addition to her points, I think you also need to add in a bit of discussion about how her activities effect the family over all. It's not just an issue of whether she can handle it, it's also about the loss of time with the family and the added burden on you.

But...I admit, I'd want to say yes too.

Julie said...

For me, it depends on whether you have clearly stated (and applied) the rule about 2 activities to Jake. If so, then I'd make her choose. If its been kind of fast and loose and you think she would love it and could handle it, I would sign her up--esp if she is only in school half day. I think structured activities are a good thing, as long as they are not interfering with school, sleep or family time.

Stacey said...

I think I'd tend to let her do three activities if I saw it made her really happy. I think the fact that she's in half-day kindergarten does make this more reasonable.

Part of the reason I feel this way is because I've never had any hobbies or talents. Maybe she'll find her passion if she tries various things.

BUT if it's too much stress to take her to these lessons I'd ask her to choose two.

Karen said...

At this age, I think that they are just trying out things to see where there interests lie. I probably would let her do it since the soccer season will be over in a few months.