Monday, September 26, 2011

Going, going, gone

I think we discovered Jadyn's loose tooth on Tuesday or Wednesday. She was SO excited. Her best friend from school Riley has already lost teeth and Jake has been working on losing another one over the last couple of weeks. However, it was precisely BECAUSE Jake is just now losing teeth and that both kids didn't get their first baby teeth until 10 or 11 months that I had been telling Jadyn it would probably be another year before she started losing her teeth. Well on this one, I was wrong.

And Jadyn was determined. She put so much focus and energy into wiggling the tooth with her fingers and tongue that lo and behold on Friday, while she was outside in the yard playing with Riley, the darn thing fell out.

She came running inside hysterical because her mouth was bleeding a little. I don't think Jake's have bled because he just waits until they are hanging on by a thread and they are pretty much already out by the time they are 100% free. An apple slice sealed the deal for Jadyn's tooth. Her friend Riley kept trying to reassure her that a little blood was normal. Once Jadyn calmed down, she was pretty excited, although later that day she did mention "missing her loose tooth".

We tucked the said tooth under her pillow at bedtime and she excitedly woke the next morning to find the tooth fairy had left her three dollar bills, a special payout because it was her first lost tooth.

If I were into betting, I would wager that this tooth was a fluke and she won't lose anymore for awhile. Then again you can already see the new tooth cropping up behind where the old one was and it's not like I haven't obviously been wrong before so we shall see.

Meanwhile, we have given the tooth fairy special instructions to be prepared since it would appear that she will be making visits to both children concurrently. It could get quite expensive.


Lindsay said...

So cute!!!

Joanna said...

Very cute, I love pictures of little kids missing teeth.

I got a good laugh out of her wiggling the poor tooth into submission. It didn't stand a chance against that kind of persistence.

Mel said...

She looks so cute and grown up! Analese did not get her first tooth until 11 months, so we will see if she gets a truly loose one any day now.