Saturday, September 3, 2011

On the flip side of motherhood

I never want my blog to come across as me trying to gloat about my parenting skills or show off all the fun things we have done or brag about what wonderful children we have while glossing over anything that might be unpleasant. We are not perfect. I am not perfect. Far from it and that is fine with me. I want my blog to be a realistic glimpse into our lives.

When I wrote the last post about feeling like a rock star mom, it was precisely because there are so many times where I feel I fall short. But I don't dwell on that either. While I know I am not perfect, I am not trying to be either. I am just trying to do my best just as I expect from my kids.

So here are some of my "less than perfect" mommy confessions:

1) I am not crafty or culinary in nature. My kids Halloween costumes and birthday cakes are store bought (or made by others).

2) I sometimes let the kids watch an extra cartoon or spend more time playing video games because I am on the computer. While sometimes I am genuinely trying to get work done, more often than not I am just talking to friends on Facebook or Twitter or trying to finish up a blog post.

3) I sometimes skip reading with them at night because we are running behind schedule from watching an episode of Billy the Exterminator or our newest favorite, Top Shot.

4) I lose my patience and yell much more often than I would like, although I also apologize for it when I am out of line.

5) I sometimes let them have junk food for a snack because I don't have the energy to argue with them about why they should be choosing a fresh fruit instead.

6) Little Caesar's $5 Hot and Ready pizzas, at least once a week, sometimes twice during the summer.

7) I sometimes have to lie about having seen a dance move or soccer play during practice because I was too busy talking to my friends.

8) I need a lot of Mommy alone time and girls nights.

9) When I am really struggling with my anxiety, I have a hard time concentrating. I forget what the kids said they wanted for breakfast and have to ask a second or third time.

10) I sometimes encourage them to color with crayons instead of playing with paint or Play-Doh because I don't feel like cleaning up the mess.

So there you have 10 "I am most definitely a less than perfect" Mommy confessions. It feels good to get that off my chest. Anyone want to share some of theirs?


LauraC said...

I had just been planning to write something similar! Someone called me supermom on facebook. I think people don't always know the whole story.

Carrie77 said...

Love this post, and it is what makes you such a wonderful Mother. You are human :)

Mel said...

This was refreshingly honest! I can share most of the ones that you listed. Patience, or lack thereof, is a big one for me lately. Sometimes I feel like the least patient person in the world, but I talk myself into chilling. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Oh, and I often feed Mariele mac and cheese for breakfast because she begs for it and I know it is literally all that she will eat.

DesiDVM said...

Haha little Caesars. Every week for sure, and we're even worse b/c Mr. Picky won't eat anything but the crazy bread and I count that as a "meal."

Stacey said...

I do almost all of these as well.

I think it's awesome that you wrote this. I love reading blogs, but they tend to really get me down too. I always feel like I compare unfavorably to all the moms who do super fun things all the time. Sure, I suspect a lot of editing goes into the stories people tell, but my own anxious mind prefers for me to believe I just stink.

You DO rock as a mom though.

Karen said...

I definitely share a lot of the things that you have listed. My blog is often just highlights of good things that have happened but the reason for that is because I am using it as more of a memory book for the kids.

We are also a once a week Little Caesars family as well :)