Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Play Dates for Everyone

When your weekdays are busy, your weekends become a little more low key. Friday night we were all so tired we didn't even have a movie night, opting catch up on some DVRed shows instead (right now the whole family is watching Top Shot).

Saturday morning the kids had soccer games at the same time. I joked that I could really use Hermione's time turner so I could be in two places at once because I hate missing the chance to watch the kids play. At any rate, I watched Jadyn's first half where she really shone at goalie and then headed over to Jake's game. He has already scored one goal and scored another while I was there, not to mention taking a ball to the gut in an amazing save during his time as goalie.

Saturday night we went to a movie in the park to see "Mars Needs Moms" with a friend and her two girls. It was really fun.

Sunday, Jake had his friend Kyle over, then the neighbor Adrianna came over to play with both kids and THEN, we had the neighbors over for dinner. They have a Doberman that is about 2 months older than Kuma and the two dogs have been caught digging under the fence trying to get to each other. We have taken them for walks together and they seem to get along so we decided to have Duke over for a play date. The dogs had a blast. They ran and played like only puppies can and thoroughly wore each other. They are a good match as far as energy level.

So here they are after wearing each other down. See those tongues? Kuma is now 9 months old and about 60 pounds. His growth should be starting to slow down and his head and paws are in proportion with each other, which is another sign that while he is not completely full grown, he is pretty close. It's amazing how quickly they change and grow over that first year:

So this weekend, we all got to have play dates - even the dog!

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