Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things I love Right Now

1. Walking Kuma every morning in the cooler crisper weather.

2. Coming home from walking Kuma and having Jake make Joe and I's bed just to be nice (sweetest thing ever!).

3) The 90 minute Gentle Flow Yoga class I found on Thursday mornings.

4) Really good book to movie adaptations - Everyone must read The Help and then go see the movie.

5) Fall TV - to include Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, Glee, The New Girl (best new show!), How I Met your Mother and Amazing Race.

6) New YA dystopian series - Divergent is the best one since Hunger Games. Also, finding older and new dystopian novels/series to read since I clearly like the genre (about to read The Maze Runner and the Suzanne Collins recommended 11th Plague).

7) Not having to go in for jury duty

8) Finding out Jadyn has her first loose tooth when Jake barely lost his first one last spring and has only lost 2 since then. Tooth fairy is going to be visiting this house a lot in the near future.

9) Jadyn asking me to take pictures of her on days she really likes her outfit for school or simply snuggling with one of the pets.

10) The routine of school days where late afternoons look like this:

Homework time followed by dinner and then soccer or dance. Same stuff, different day but busy, busy, busy!


Angela said...

Yay for yoga. I love yoga, its really helped keep me from going completely bonkers this year. Enjoy the maze runner, I really liked that series. Going to try divergent soon as soon as I get through the latest Rick Castle book. Yes, I am a nerd. And Yay for no jury duty.
I always love seeing your posts where the kids are at peace with one another. Homework for us right now is a holy terror because summer wants attention and Garrett is fried and only half focused. This helps me know it won't always be this way. And seriously, Jayden looks so grown up now. Where has the time gone?

Beth said...

Awesome post, Jen. There's just something about kids sitting at a table concentrating on something that makes my heart melt. :-)