Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not Wasting Any Time

Last night at dinner, the family brainstormed our Fall fun to-do list. On in included the usual suspects of our favorite fall activities:

- visit the pumpkin patch
- apple picking in Oak Glen (had a late freeze last winter, might be tricky)
- county fair
- visit someplace with the changing colors/falling leaves/leave collecting
- nature walk at the preserve
- hike/scramble at least 2 of our usual and one new trail up in the national park
- visit Civic Center park in Palm Desert
- help the kids to finally learn how to ride their bikes without training wheels
- watch a local high school football game
- carve pumpkins
- flashlight scramble Halloween weekend

And to make sure we get everything on our list done, we are wasting no time as we let the kids take a mental health day from school and our headed to the county fair - much less crowded and cheaper than a weekend and I know they will learn more with everything they see and do at the fair then they would at that one day at school. So off we go!

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